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dexterous december (12/2014) (#mmr003)

hello. hi. hello. bye.

it’s us again (‘ohhhhh no, not those annoyin people from the internet’). so how should a text for the ending of a year look like? well of course not like this. without any kind of layout (just freestyle today). it’s just that we’re buildin’ up something special, something that stays in ur mind. something that drills a hole in ur beautiful head, to get a place at ur hippothalamus.

a dwarf that turns into a beast.

or lets say more like a place where pieces of pulchritude collide and create a merger of serendipity, flukes. flukes of serenity, flukes of jauntiness. it has been three months, and we’re still not at the end of the road of creation or any kind of dead-ends. we’re doin’ all these just because of one reason: the music.

the music is what unites us, the music is what soothes us, the music is what brings up piece.

it is something uncanny that is ubiquitous, something that brings up so many emotions that nothing else can do. without music, there would be a higher rate of depravity, without the music, everything would turn into a mayhem, an altercation, an avalanche of unprecedented happenings.

so before we go on with the philosophical stuff, let be assured, that all these thoughts, these sentences would not be written if there would not be music. we wanted to be sure, to create a specific playlist, not only because it’s the end of another year, but also due our thought to be vigilant, and to be not unilateral.

this playlist is called ‘dexterous december’, we managed to put in several great artists in this pot.

artists that create eternal pieces, musicians which dedicate their love for the creation of unity.

artists such atra aeterna, gidge, hiatus, submerse, rilla force, the list is endlessly picked with versatility. if we would not be the creators, we would instantly start to weep, to cry, to sob all the time. just for the love of the music.

so before we say happy new year and the rest of the common sentences on, let be assured, that we’re goin’ to come back for the next year, even bigger, with new features (sorry to tease u, these things are goin’ to be announced soon), more news, more stuff to tell, more dedication, more (whatever fits here).

merry new year. felice anno nuovo, weißes neues jahr. ok bye.


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the end of the tale, but not of this fuckin book.

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