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februarius february (02/18) (#MMR039)

Feeling the cherubic flow, a compilation for February:

Winter in Europe is (thankfully) coming to its near end. It is not the fact that we do have anything against this period, yet the level of lacking motivation was admittedly higher than expected.

To fight the inner bastard who tells you to keep on going with the procrastination is something that perfectly illustrates our life in a nutshell, for maybe the last few years?

Yet, as we tend to go after the crucial duties, we’re here with an assemblage of sound layers, which are waiting for you to be ventured through.

Focusing on a selection of shimmering echos, mesmerizing blares of intonations & the reverberating hums, we tried our best to depict the divergence of aural itineraries we went through during the last 28 days with this here:

As you’re going to take a closer look, you probably are going to identify some candidates that have been part of a chapter of one of the, but also some you may not. Speaking of which, make sure to check out

Hearts Hearts & their creation of sublimity named Sugar / Money,

Oscar Key Sung & his salubrious release called D Y T,

Shaqdi with her atmospheric oeuvre titled Colorless,

WHALESDK & their alluring upload named Shame,

& also Skyepaint with his bedazzling publication called Bury Us In Gold.

You know, as we keep on talking about names again, it really has been delightful to listen to the latest works, additions to their discographies. Being around an array of truly intriguing musical heads, brothers & sisters, we had the feeling to adding some of these again. Originative crafters, such as

AUGUST with his smashing record named H E A L,

Liyv with another alluring creation titled Bend The Rules,

CAPYAC with a stunning art collision with Oolaf, known as Gold Rush,

Great Skies & his bedazzling collaboration with Tone named Ain’t Enough,

& also the band Monumental Men with its fascinating release named Navigate~.

Limiting the playlists to 25 pieces made the decisions harder than usual, as we’d like to present our dearest readers, friends, groups a medley of alluring discoveries. Thankfully, we could include some of them here. Make sure to check out

Terms, a dynamic creation, produced by Emawk,

Feel So Alone, a flamboyant track written by JNNA,

Drown, a pleasing oeuvre created by ARDENCY,

Sunshine, an astonishing piece handmade by Abroad,

& also Seeking My Attention, a groovy tune produced by COMMANDR.

Perusing the realm of music for inspiration is something that we’d like to do the whole day. Yet, as our routine impede us going after our greatest passion, we’d like to share some thoughts over some artisans that we were able to spot during our latest venture. Get a closer look over

Odina with her fantastic piece named Nothing Makes Sense,

Amber Clouds & their lurid creation titled I Don’t Want This To End,

Thandii with her stirring track called Cameo,

Hoodlem & her captivating oeuvre titled Teenager,

& also Bleed The Rads with his blissful upload called Two Days On Mercury.

By working on a new #MMR-concept, we knew that it has been about time to make this series a bit different. One idea was to give this more a personal touch. With 50 creations, it seemed to be impossible to make this happen. Another thought was to implement a section of inspiring artists to watch over, inside each upcoming episode. Speaking of which, make sure to watch over

ST.MARTiiNS with their electrifying piece titled Othr grls,

Blakey & his aural sedative with JONES, named Prism Of Love,

Kodamilo with a chimerical creation called Sides,

Plateau Green with his electronica smasher named Tree,

& EXON BANKS with their oeuvre of sublimity titled THERAPY.

Folks, make sure to keep your eyes on these gifted individuals. As they tend to release gems on a regular base, it would be terrible if you would miss some of those. To evade that situation, do yourself a favor by pushing the Follow-button. Oh & don’t forget to share these with your loved ones.

Alright, till the next time!

The Solar Team.

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Artwork made by SAL666