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januarius january (01/18) (#MMR038)

The amalgamation of written emotions, a compilation for January

With February knocking at our door, it has been a busy month to think about. By mostly focusing on daily issues, which took most of our time, it sorta feels relieving to be able to get back to the queued obligations.

Going after those, while listening to some aural panaceas, made the days easier. Being intrigued by the sheer amount of creativity that we had the pleasure to witness, we selected a few & put them on our latest compilation:

While taking a closer look, you might going to recognise some names that have been part of an episode of one of the, but also some you may not. Speaking of which, you should listen to

Chymes & their creation of sublimity, named Shade,

Austin Harms & his salubrious release , called Flight,

Nina Luna, with her atmospheric oeuvre, titled Tell You Now,

Soirées & their alluring upload, named Grey Skies,

& also AUGUST, with his bedazzling publication, called T O R N.

Talking about names again, it has been a pleasure to check out their latest works, additions to their discography. As we’re following a vast amount of inspiring people, friends & aural relatives, we felt to obliged to feature some of them again. Creative beings, such as

Blkwhte, with his smashing record, named Lonesome,

ELIZA, with another alluring creation, titled Only Fools Wait,

Great Skies, with a stunning art collision with H/\rvey, known as Feeling Lost,

Animal Feelings & his bedazzling collaboration with Thief, named Falling,

& also the band NÉONHÈART with its fascinating release, named Prison Break.

While gathering chimerical productions for this compilation, the sheer endless variety of alluring discoveries was something that made it difficult to creative a playlist with only 25 pieces. Thankfully, we could include some of them here. Make sure to check out

Focus, an astral creation, produced by Elias,

I’m Down, a flamboyant track, written by Tyne,

Then Some, a pleasing oeuvre, created by Geneva White,

Pieces, a astonishing piece, handmade by ECKOES,

& also One In A Million, a groovy tune, produced by Apollo LTD.

Perusing the realm of Soundcloud for inspiration is something that we’d like to do the whole day. Yet, as our routine impede us going after our greatest passion, we’d like to share some thoughts over some artisans that we were able to spot during our latest venture. Get a closer look over

RAFFELLA, with her fantastic piece, named Sororicide,

JNNA & her lurid creation, titled Waking Up With You,

Austen, with her stirring track, called Storm,

Queen Alaska & her captivating oeuvre, titled Part Of You,

& also Jy, with his blissful upload, called Pink & Blue.

By working on a new #MMR-concept, we knew that it has been about time to make this series a bit different. One idea was to give this more a personal touch. With 50 creations, it seemed to be impossible to make this happen. Another thought was to implementing a section of inspiring artists to watch over, inside each upcoming episode. Speaking of which, make sure to watch over

Joyeur with their electrifying piece, titled DIG,

Queue & their aural sedative, named Aimless Kid,

Low Island, with a chimerical creation, called Too Young,

Work Drugs, with their indie pop smasher, named Miami Nights,

& Demons Of Ruby Mae, with their oeuvre of sublimity, titled To Be Adored.

With the upcoming days that are going to be filled with musical tasks that are needed to be fulfilled, we’d like to invite you to keep an eye on future articles & news about latest collaborations. Make also sure to follow the path of aforementioned creative heads, as there definitely are some promising things that you’re going to listen to. In case, you forget to press follow, we’ll promise you to keep you updated!

Until the next time!

The Solar Team.

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Artwork made by SAL666

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