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septem september (09/17) (#MMR035)

October has finally started & we’re back with a new episode of the beloved #MMR-series. While working on the new concepts, we thought that this anthology needed a amendment, stylistically, but also in terms of content.

As you may know, it has been structured that we release a playlist of 50 pieces that we stumbled over during the last month, mention some words over the creations & their architects. As we brain-stormed a bit, we knew that the vast amount of oeuvres that can be heard here, makes also lose our personal touch.

Being a platform with a personal relation to the artists & labels, collectives & groups, is actually our first axiom. By saying that, we’d like to present you the new version of the Music Mountain Ridge-series, with the latest playlist that defines our moments of September:

While taking a closer look, you might going to recognise some names that have been part of an episode of one of the, but also some you may not. Speaking of which, you should listen to

HALFBROTHER & their creation of sublimity, named Love Letter,

Aparde & his salubrious art collision with Anne, named Mouth,

ADNA, with her atmospheric oeuvre, titled Closure,

Ameli Paul & their alluring upload, named Delinana,

& also Lycoriscoris, with his bedazzling publication, called Flight Demo.

Talking about names again, it has been a pleasure to check out their latest works, additions to their discography. As we’re following a vast amount of inspiring people, friends & aural relatives, we felt to obliged to feature some of them again. Creative beings, such as

THØSS, with his smashing record, named Work Is A Four Letter Word,

The trio Gemini Rising, with another alluring creation, titled After The Rain,

Tontario, with a stunning art collision with Sarah De Warren, known as Northern Confessions,

Subsets & his bedazzling collaboration with Fallen Roses & Ayelle, named Underwater,

& also the Sekai Collective with its fascinating release from Ryke, named Desolate Dreams.

While gathering chimerical productions for this compilation, the sheer endless variety of alluring discoveries was something that made it difficult to creative a playlist with only 25 pieces. Thankfully, we could include some of them here. Make sure to check out

Improv, an astral creation, produced by Rival Consoles,

Another One, a flamboyant track, written by AUÐUR,

Catch Me, a pleasing oeuvre, created by BRÅVES,

Rocked, a astonishing piece, handmade by Ella Metherell,

& also Silver Tongue, a groovy tune, produced by CLAVVS.

Perusing the realm of Soundcloud for inspiration is something that we’d like to do the whole day. Yet, as our routine impede us going after our greatest passion, we’d like to share some thoughts over some artisans that we were able to spot during our latest venture. Get a closer look over

Ells, with her fantastic piece, named Fire it Up,

Anni & her lurid creation, titled Break Free,

Girlhood, with her stirring track, called Say It,

Greta Isaac & her captivating oeuvre, titled You,

& also Kerri, with his blissful adaptation of My Boo.

By working on a new #MMR-concept, we knew that it has been about time to make this series a bit different. One idea was to give this more a personal touch. With 50 creations, it seemed to be impossible to make this happen. Another thought was to implementing a section of inspiring artists to watch over, inside each upcoming episode. Speaking of which, make sure to watch over

Kate Martin with her electrifying piece, titled Set My Life To Fire,

Shleepytime & his aural sedative, named Datbreeze,

Ann See, with a chimerical creation, called Head Het Up,

IVY MODE, with her alt. pop smasher, named Body Next To You,

& Ryd, with his oeuvre of sublimity, named Work It Out.

With the last 5 creations, we’d like to take yourself some time, press play & surround yourself by the gargantuan variety of sound layers that has been fused together to make this compilation real. A billion amount of Thank You’s towards all these gifted individuals, talented groups, inspiring collectives & aspiring labels, it has been a pleasure to wade through these aural spheres. Dear Readers, make sure to keep your ears & eyes open for new publications & concerts. You may never know, when something new comes up, if you forget to press follow.

Until the next time!

The Solar Team.

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Artwork made by SAL666

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