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julius july (07/17) (#MMR034)

#MMR034: Julius July (07/17)

Oh, yes. August has finally come & we’re delighted to share this playlist of sublimity with you. While we have mentioned already that we’re going to amend the concept around this website in the upcoming month, you don’t have to worry yourself about it that much, we’re still going to go after our usual duties, by distributing 🎼🎢 from any spot of the world.

As the last month has ended, we’re here to talk about the individuals, the creative beings, the handicrafter, whose creations have been gathered by us for you & you. You’re going to recognise some of the names & some of them you won’t. With a profound focus on Indie & Electronica, we’d like to invite you to push the ▢️-button & read our words while being surrounded by precious compositions.

So, shall we start? We definitely should:

First of all, we’re
– in love with songs from Of Methodist, Viann, Nakita, VAN BOBBI, BlΓ€pDΓ«lli, Ariela Jacobs, Adam Snow & Fifty Grand,

Needless to say, we’re
– blessed to hear some melodies from people like Ella Vos, Toby Johnson, whtvs, Au DrΓ©, Francesca Gonzales midnight & ylxr,

By perusing the internet, we’re
– thrilled by releases from Jess Audrey, Tyrer, Wavemob with the publication from MYSTXRIVL & Rare, E$KI, POOM & LOAH with their latest uploads.

By pressing play, you will be stuck in the aural spheres that has been created by the sheer hands from people, like you & you, from any spot in the blue world that you can slightly imagine.
We have to be honest, it has been a fun ride so far. Plus, we have a feeling that we’re feeling something way different from release to release. We think that we should go on with the compilation. Yes? Maybe? Yes, definitely:

So, as usual, we’d like to say
– thanks for some vibes by SHY NATURE, RAINER, Charlie Cunningham, FOYER, Alextbh, SEAFOAL, Allysha Joy, Alge & All The People.

Ok people, we need to say something. We’re
– always pleased to listen to the creations from Hanging Valleys, White Peaks, Pending, Max Subar, Nussy, R O L E & Mono Mono.

Plus, we’re
– always ecstatic to check some cynosures from ROZO, Harper, Alec Good with Hyperviolet, Frida, Hicari & CASE WORK.

Almost through the variety? No, there are still some artists left that you definitely need to check. It’s the diversity that we mostly are looking for.
There are so many talented handicrafter outside, it would be quite unfair to feature only a specific amount & specific types of genres. As we’re still are a site dedicated to you & you, this is our duty to present you the versatility in the realm of music:

And last but not least, we’re
– happy to find artists such as Martin Luke Brown, Harry Pane, SAILLI, Young Tides, Huntly, Aidan Knight & LIKHA.

Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow on Twitter, a hug to their labels by purchasing like a lunatic & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Deal? Ok, then bye.

Le fin..
..Oh btw

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The end of the tale, but not of this book.