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maius may (05/17) (#MMR032)

#MMR032: Maius May (05/17)

Oh lord. The time is passing by. Everything happens in lightspeed. It feels like yesterday that we put out our last compilation.
Yet, as we tend to keep on going, we’re not going to start this article with a rant about time management, because you know, it would end up in a moment of pure tedium.
Instead, we can happily share yet another collection of artisans with a high level of solipsism, where you start to smirk about the sheer fact endlessly.
While taking a closer look over the versatility of people, it made us end up drooling. Not only did we manage to gather tunes that you might not heard about, we also accomplished to fuse artists that we previously featured with newer ones that you don’t recognize.
Speaking of which, we’d like to press the play button & let the music take over. So, shall we start? We think, we shall:

First of all, we’re
in love with songs from Forerunner, Laxcity, Sora, VHOOR, Bounds, Izr with Apollo Hill, ANKA & Mark Elliott,

Needless to say, we’re
blessed to hear some melodies from people like Fifi Rong, Subsets, whispa, James Droll, gera, Frstmait & Sophie Meiers,

By perusing the internet, we’re
grateful for the releases from Top Billin Music with the piece from Fil Jackson, YesterdayOnceMore & the creation from DJ NHK Guy, PC Music ♩ with the publication from A.G. Cook & EASYFUN , Moving Castle with their upload from SAKIMA, Sekai & the lovely publication from Kosikk and last but not least, the gents from Trekkie Trax & the oeuvre from Lil Texas.

By pressing play, you will be stuck in the aural spheres that has been created by the sheer hands from people, like you & you, from any spot in the blue world that you can slightly imagine.
We have to be honest, it has been a fun ride so far. Plus, we have a feeling that we’re feeling something way different from release to release. We think that we should go on with the compilation. Yes? Maybe? Yes, definitely:

So, as usual, we’d like to say
thanks for some vibes by XTALK with Olly Flavell, ModVo, Ukko, Drohves, Nate Rose, Londy, SHIV & breeze~,

Ok people, we need to say something. We’re
always pleased to listen to the creations from THEVAMP, Tusks, STAHL, Emma Brammer, Etched, DOMINANT, VESHZA & Denico,

Plus, we’re
always glad to check some cynosures from Rain on Monday, Toyomu, Stayhigh, J. Robb, Vegyn & BAILE.

Almost through the variety? No, there are still some artists left that you definitely need to check. It’s the diversity that we mostly are looking for.
There are so many talented handicrafter outside, it would be quite unfair to feature only a specific amount & specific types of genres. As we’re still are a site dedicated to you & you, this is our duty to present you the versatility in the realm of music:

And last but not least, we’re
happy to find artists such as Jenna Kyle, Magdalena Wolk, RLP, Anvil Hands, Claine, andersnst, LUCA, Tom Hartney & Raine.

Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow on Twitter, a hug to their labels by purchasing like a lunatic & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Deal? Ok, then bye.

Le fin..
..Oh btw

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The end of the tale, but not of this book.