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aprilis april (04/17) (#MMR031)

#MMR031: Aprilis April (04/17)

What a day. The month of fickleness, giddiness & pliancy has ended. To succumb the mere thought of this, we sat our butts in the office & gathered paragons of releases together that epitomise the versatility of the April.

Creations with dark textures, pieces filled with jauntiness, uploads with a succinct bass, publications coated with a chimerical melody, many of them are part of this compilation that thankfully has been made on the right time.

Taking a look on the artist side of this collection, we’re intrigued by the mere amount of countries that have been congregated. Such a lovely diversity. But enough with the talk, let’s share some thoughts on these creations, shall we?

First of all, we’re
in love with songs from ESSEX, Sjors Mans, LUHA, Vacant with Sorrow, KyddieKafka & Actor,

Needless to say, we’re
blessed to hear some melodies from people like TRIADS, Declan Postlethwaite, BARLI, Sergio Díaz De Rojas & Dems,

By perusing the internet, we’re
grateful for the releases from yung_ldn with the pieces from Vacant & Torai, Sebastian Morawietz, WAVEVISION with the publication from Rift & Cluda Tim Schauffert & his latest art collision with CASHFORGOLD.

By pressing play, you will be stuck in the aural spheres that has been created by the sheer hands from people, like you & you, from any spot in the blue world that you can slightly imagine.
We have to be honest, it has been a fun ride so far. Plus, we have a feeling that we’re feeling something way different from release to release. We think that we should go on with the compilation. Yes? Maybe? Yes, definitely:

So, as usual, we’d like to say
thanks for some vibes by Makuda, y tho, Dromes, Ant Antic, KAMI-O, Melldu, TENBEARS Wolf Price,

Ok people, we need to say something. We’re
always pleased to listen to the creations from City Of Dawn, Sorsari, Chiveer, haven, Ivy Sole, Ishan Sound & Joseph Marinetti,

Plus, we’re
always glad to check some cynosures from hhold, Lévie, 2X2A with Of Methodist, rdny., goldy & Briana Jean.

Almost through the variety? No, there are still some artists left that you definitely need to check. It’s the diversity that we mostly are looking for.
There are so many talented handicrafter outside, it would be quite unfair to feature only a specific amount & specific types of genres. As we’re still are a site dedicated to you & you, this is our duty to present you the versatility in the realm of music:

And last but not least, we’re
happy to find artists such as BACKWHENLovely Head, Melis, Izzy Flynn, Diego Errazuriz & STAHL.

Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow on Twitter, a hug to their labels by purchasing like a lunatic & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Deal? Ok, then bye.

Le fin..
..Oh btw

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The end of the tale, but not of this book.