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nova november (11/16) (#MMR026)

#MMR026:‘Nova November’ (11/16)

november, the month that we started to abhor due the higher level of unpleasant surprises, is finally over. call it a superstiton, nonsense or rubbish, in fact, these last 30 days has been jinxed for the last four years. wherever or whenever we start to reminsce about it, we instantly start to get some head ache, which is a sign? sort a like. an example: we never got bogged down for that long. it’s already the third & somehow we did not manage to release our latest comp. it’s like nothing has worked out for the last few days, which is a mess.

yet, as we’re here to initiate the ending of the year ’16, we’re thankful for the eternal & encompassin’ love we have witnessed for the last couple of months. people, you’re amazing. you bedazzle us with every visit you make, with every step that you partake with us on this wonderful journey that has started around 2 years ago. by sayin’ that, we’d like to show our gratitude towards you, your mumsie & your dad. as we were focusin’ on a specific genre on the last compilation, we decided to let the music guide us.

& wow, the result is rip-roaring. with a panoply of sounds, whether if you’re in dire need for an indie track, a future beat, an ambient cynosure or a paragon of an acapella, we’d like to say ‘hi’ to the end of the year, gettin’ back on the track by share some thoughts on these sublime artists that have been added on the playlist. besides, we’ll start to re-furbish our concept (because it has been about time). but before we give out some proper infos, shall we talk a bit these handicrafter? we think, we shall:

first of all, we’re
in love with songs from ‘Heaven Cord’, ‘Slow Meadow’, ‘Slenderbodies’, ‘JAZZO’, ‘Orchin’, ‘Miyagi’, ‘Bad Wills’ & ‘Kid Runner’,

blessed to hear some melodies from people like ‘Alaska Tapes’, ‘Simeon Walker’, ‘Glofi’, ‘Alge’, ‘Born Stranger’ & ‘Alfonso X

– beaming with joy due the releases from ‘Moderna Records’ with the pieces from ‘Ed Carlsen’ & ‘Tambour’ on their collaboration album, ‘1631 Recordings’ with a paragon of a release by ‘Madeleine Cocolas’, ‘Insight Music’ with their publication of the ‘Suboctane’-record & ‘Highasakite’ and their album on ‘Propeller Recordings’,

–  thankful for some vibes by ‘Pavel Dovgal’ with ‘Mujuice’, ‘Aether’, ‘HVRXLD’, ‘MLHLND’, ‘Dead Melodies’, ‘AUSTEN’, ‘HNRO’ & ‘ARMORS’,

always pleased to listen to the creations from ‘KyddieKafka’, ‘WCB’, ‘havec’, ‘Janice’, ‘Mitote’, ‘QAPT’ & ‘BLAJK’,

always glad to read some news about ‘IRIDESCENT’, ‘tshima’, ‘THOSS’, ‘Voes’, ‘Gone Deville’ & ‘Woolookologie’,

& last but not least,
happy to find artists such as ‘Aude’, ‘Rhian Sheedan’, ‘Defussion’, ‘Orphan King’, ‘Traveler’, ‘Cattle & Cane’, ‘Rasiir’, ‘Inner Sadness’ & ‘Ten Tonne Heart’.

be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.