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julius july (07/16) (#MMR022)

#MMR022: julius july (07/16)

monday has arrived & as we usually tend to release an article with five tracks that sugar coats your week, we decided to make an exception today.
but what kind of? well, as the month of july is finally over & we’re back in the office to do what we have to do at the first of every month: to release our compilation.
that means, instead of five individual tunes that we gathered together, we’d like to cheer you up with a mellifluous collection of various sound scapes from talented artists from all over the globe.
whether if you’re a fan of hip hop, future beats, experimental electronica, ambient, club music, trap tunes or just an aficionado of any kind of music, then this compilation might be the right one to listen to.
as we tend to concentrate ourselves from month to month on one specific genre, we decided to make this one a merger between tenacious future beats & succulent ambient pieces, with a little pinch of this & that.
if that made you curious, then we shall start with the presentation of our ‘july’-compilation, called ‘Julius July’. if not, then hell, you should soon:

first of all,

we’re in love with songs from ‘Clepsydra’, ‘JXSH’ with ‘Gosuto’, ‘Shleepytime’, ‘DEITY’, ‘Ojikae’, ‘Heaven Chord’ with ‘Seraph’, ‘Altura’ & ‘Tom Hartney’ with ‘Dyllan Joyce’,


blessed to hear some melodies from people like ‘Subsets’, ‘Chino Yoshio’, ‘Knope’, ‘Mauns’ ‘K SOL’ with ‘MNDSGN’ & ‘NETWORK’,


thankful for the releases from ‘Numerals’ with a new compilation with pieces from ‘win32’ in collaboration with ‘Emily Raymond’ & ‘Blurred’ plus a new beauty from ‘Open Ocean’, ‘Wavemob’ with a collection of tracks, such as that one from ‘Trash Lord’ with ‘Madi Larson’, from ‘Nvrmore’ & from ‘NYQUILL’ & ‘Top Billin Music’ with a new piece, such as the creation ‘2Beat


we’d like to say thanks for some vibes by ‘Thinnen’, ‘Weird Inside’, ‘Sugi.Wa’, ‘Nilas’, ‘Geerad’, ‘Huey Daze’ & ‘Bassline Drift’,


we’re always pleased to listen to the creations from ‘Kai.’, ‘Vizion’ with ‘Elate’, ‘RAGA’, ‘WEVLTH’, ‘Cardinal’ with ‘Roman Austin’, ‘Leaf Beach’ with ‘Emune’ & ‘Soular Order’,


always glad to read some news about ‘Tiger Tsunami’, ‘myk.’, ‘Teru’ with ‘Cryfelt’, ‘ANIMA’,‘Kyddie Kafka’, ‘Light Blending In’ & ‘Handbook’,

& last but not least,

happy to find artists such as ‘Tidecruz’, ‘Wanderer’, ‘+ma’, ‘Everbeat’, ‘Kori’, ‘Quok’, ‘Allison Ponthier’, ‘Acrone’ & ‘Eskil Dante’.

be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.