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junius june (06/16) (#MMR021)

#MMR021: junius june (06/16)

it’s friday, the first of july. while we usually tend to have started our weekend around this day, we’d like to make an exception.

not only that the first day of a new month has started, it’s also the right period for a new compilation from us for you & you. as we love to spread some love for all these hard workin’ people around the globe, we’d like to show them our gratitude for these sublime pieces that we have discovered around the last few weeks.
gratitude to those people who spent nights & days for beautiful creations that need to be on your playlist – besides that, givin’ these guys & girls an opportunity to show to the audience the perennial versatility of the world of music.

bein’ lovers of creatin’ playlist with such a diversity, we’d like to invite you to check out this compilation for the month of june. what you’re goin’ to hear are decent releases from beloved friends, recent discoveries of artists from all around the globe & the latest publications by our most favorite labels.
so what kind of music are goin’ to hear? EVERYTHING.
melodies that melt your heart away, bass lines that animate your body to dance, voices that are mesmerizin’ & sound scapes that will be rivetin’.
enough said? well, then let’s start to listen.

and besides that, we’d like to say something about all the included artists on the list:
first of all, we’re

in love with songs from ‘Litche’, ‘RYD’, ‘ACTIVE SUN’, ‘Amy Syed’, ‘Doe Paoro’, ‘RAINER’ & ‘Sei A’ with ‘Will Samson’,


blessed to hear succinct melodies from people like ‘Nulabee’, ‘SQRD’, ‘John Beltran’, ‘Luxley’, ‘Alex Banks’ with ‘Joel Dawes’, ‘Esbie Fonte’ & ‘Jherek Bischoff’,


grateful for the releases on decent labels like
No Symbols’ with artists like ‘Beneath’, ‘Pegdoll Records’ with the mellifluous extended play from ‘Himalia’ , ‘CVLT’ with the succulent release from ‘Yoshitaka Hikawa’,

Colour8’ with the pithy piece from ‘CJ Mirra’, ‘Nowadays Records’ & the sublime record by ‘Awir Leon’, ‘MARGINS’ with the tenaciously-good tune by ‘K2K’ & ‘Sound Pellegrino’ with the new long play by ‘Matthias Zimmermann’,

fourth, we’d like to say

thanks for some vibes by ‘LV’ with the remix of a‘VESSELS’-original, ‘Kouslin’, ‘NOIRE’, ‘Model 86’, ‘Tim Shiel’, ‘YLLIS’ & ‘Molo’,

fifth, we’re

always pleased to listen to the creations from ‘Julien Marchal’, ‘Luca Longobardi’, ‘Alice Jemima’, ‘Anfield’, ‘Camden Cox’ with an instrumental by ‘Barny B’, ‘Amy Milner’, ‘VESSELS’ with the remix of a ‘Kid North’-tune & ‘Dashevsky’,


always glad to read some news about ‘Melad’ with his take on a ‘Last Island’-creation, ‘SineRider’, ‘Polynation’ with ‘Marlon Penn’, ‘Cid Rim’ & his reinterpretation of an ‘Ogris Debris’-original & ‘La Plage’ with ‘Témé Tan’,

& last but not least,

blissful to find artists such as ‘Weather Control’, ‘Wolves and Horses’, ‘Slenderbodies’, ‘Phoria’, ‘Warm Luke’, ‘Sylo Nozra’, ‘Tropic Harbour’, ‘Lupus The Third’ & ‘Bullion’.

be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.