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maius may (05/16) (#MMR020)

#MMR020: Maius May (05/16)

it’s the second day of june, we’re back (with a little delay) in business. since, it is actually the period, where we write an article with a decent freebie that can be yours, we decided to postpone the release of our compilation for may on this day.

but why? well, fifty songs sound a bit better than one, right? so, you don’t have to be upset too much. as we tend to say that we love to create a panoply of diverse sounds, this one here might be accurate.

to take a look on it, you’re goin’ to have indie tunes, future beats, ambient creations, electronica pieces & some amalgamations between them. especially those indie tunes, where we have thought that we somehow lost the interest in the genre in general, were those ones that re-activated our passion & love for that rivetin’ & catchy section of music.

yet, that does not mean that you only have to check those ones out, in fact, we’d like to invite you to click on the link, press play & let the melodies float you. music has no barriers, so does this site too.


…first of all, we’re
in love with songs from ‘Zoey Lily’, ‘GROZ’, ‘Goldy47’, ‘Inude’, ‘Clever’, ‘Gothic Tropic’ & ‘Dog Orchestra’ with ‘Lune’,

blessed to hear some melodies from people like ‘Fifi Rong’, ‘Noa May’, ‘JYLDA’, ‘LAIRE’, ‘Charlotte Carpenter’ & ‘Empara Mi’,

thankful for the releases from ‘Monophobe’ with ‘Eugene The Cat’, ‘Luminance’, ‘Crysp’, ‘Ayroh’, ‘Matrick Jones’ & ‘Open Ocean’.

fourth, we wanted to
share some gratitude for some vibes by ‘Madi Larson’ with ‘SNDR’, ‘Kyross’, ‘Hermei’, ‘Y O U T H ’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Patrick’ & ‘James Bryce’,

fifth, we’re
always pleased to listen to the creations from ‘Kinsey’, ‘Ngaroma’, ‘Pokal’, ‘Amaara’, ‘Georgia Fields’ with ‘Phia’, ‘KILN’ & ‘Simen Mitlid’,

always glad to read some news about ‘Vic Alexis’, ‘Corbu’, ‘Blkwhte’, ‘Liyv’,‘Sanctuary’, ‘Noiwav’,

& last but not least,
happy to find artists such as ‘Charles Cave’, ‘Red Giant’, ‘Radar Bird’, ‘Lectures’, ‘Luxley’, ‘Downstate’, ‘JOHN’, ‘Sea Span’ & ‘Molina Island’.

be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.