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martius march (03/16) (#mmr018)

#MMR018: martius march (03/16)

oh, it’s saturday again.
we’re back with a new part of the ‘Music Mountain Ridge’-series, mostly known under the mighty abbreviation ‘MMR’.

this time, it is about the impeccable representation of the last month, which was in case, the energizing march. we’re here writin’ this article & wonderin’ ourselves, how fast these last thirty-one days have passed. and meanwhile thinkin’ about that, you probably should get some tea to let the memories float around you.

so, as usual, we’d like to talk about our latest discoveries, which we have put together to a playlist, that let you reminisce about everything from the past month. a playlist with a high percentage of versatility that each of you is goin’ to dig it. whether if we’re talkin’ about trenchant hip hop instrumentals, mellifluous indie pieces, some future bass-creations here, some alternative pop there, oh there might be some classic in there too. to sum it up: there is music for everyone.

as we’d like to say that we are open-minded people, everyone can send us their demos, their latest releases. it doesn’t matter, if it is a metal track (sometimes, we’re thinkin’ about that to write about songs in that genre too. that would be interestin’), a rock song or any other genres that were not featured yet on this site. but why? because music does not have any kind of barriers. there is only one thing that you can say: either you like or dislike a specific ish. and that’s it.

music has been created to bond people, to get us together, to talk about something, to share & express your feelings, to (the list could go on, but we guess, you know what we’re about).
so, do us a favor, check out these artists. we’re definitely sure, that there are some gems in that, which you have to listen.

with that, we’d like to finish off this intro & focus on the features on ‘MMR018’. article number eight-teen, martius march, here we gooo:

first of all, we’re
in love with songs from ‘Jovani Occomy’, ‘Sad Eyes’, ‘HVRXLD’, ‘Young Fug’, ‘KASSIA’, ‘Arms and Sleepers’ & ‘Aether’ with ‘Pensees’,

blessed to hear some melodies from people like ‘Blocktreat’, ‘Allan Smith’, ‘Vita Bergen’, ‘Niv Ast’, ‘Kasi K’ with ‘Trimming Moods’,

thankful for the releases on labels such as ‘Lisbon Lux Records’ (with the track from ‘Bronswick’), ‘Love Our Records’ (with a new ish from ‘Tom Rabin’) & the ‘WWNBB Collective’ (with a magical piece by ‘BIRTHH’),

thanks for some vibes by ‘L/O/O/N’ with ‘Cesca’, ‘RIVR’, ‘Twobaes’, ‘Intertwine’, ‘Blkwhite’ & ‘Uquine’,

always pleased to check the releases from ‘King Sol’, ‘Ikotu’, ‘Haize’, ‘Aloric’, ‘Luka M.’ with ‘Avancerad Häst’ & ‘VOUIIX’,

still impressed by the mellifluous output from ‘Actor’, ‘Kariiiba’, ‘Heartmath’, ‘SMNM’, ‘Vox Portent’, ‘Fred Yaddaden’, ‘Nick Léon’, ‘Wovoka Gentle’, ‘HVMNS’, ‘DIVINE’, ‘KyddieKafka’ & ‘Hilang Child’,

& last but not least,
happy to find artists such as ‘Voes’, ‘Gwilym Gold’, ‘Illuminine’, ‘Motyl’, ‘AEli’, ‘Lion Forest’, ‘Richtwins’, ‘Valentine’, ‘System’, ‘Light Blending In’ & ‘Ella Thompson’.

be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.