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florid february (02/16) (#mmr017)

#mmr017: florid february (02/16)


it feels so good to write again in this section. thirty days have passed since the last entry, and it feels like it has been for a longer period. march is finally on the go, and we’re pleased to present you the playlist for february, two-sixteen.

this time, we did add more experimental electronica, where it is about the eery-yet-catchy melodies, the trivial-sounding-yet-meticulously-set bass lines, groovy instrumentals, trenchant collaborations & mellifluous arrangements in general.

we were actually pretty impressed by the output that we put here together, so what you’re goin’ to hear is panoply of solipsistic creations from people all over the world.

so, as we’d like to acknowledge everyone, and we mean everyone on this list, we’d like to start with the presentation of this playlist,

article number seventeen, ‘florid february‘, here we go:

first of all,
we’re in love with songs from ‘E-Z Manor’, ‘Celadon City’, ‘ELIOT’ , ‘Unworldly’, ‘TBFM’, ‘Holy Flare’ & ‘Asher’ with ‘Lauren Irwin-Ray’,

blessed to hear some melodies from people like ‘Shells’, ‘Ant Antic’, ‘Teru’, ‘Lomovolokno’, ‘Autumn Keys’, ‘Bon Chat, Bon Rat’ & ‘Stratum’,

thankful for the releases on labels such as ‘Flow Theory’ (with the ep from ‘Terem’), ‘Wump Collective’ (with the new ep from ‘Metasine’ & ‘Proc’), ‘Astro Nautico’ (with the song from ‘Paul Jones’), ‘Push & Run’ (with the creation by ‘Ifan Dafydd’) & ‘CVLT Records’ (with the reinterpretation of ‘Flagalova’ by ‘Wrack’),

thanks for some vibes by ‘Lanier’, ‘PRIE’ with ‘Kaytranada’, ‘Sasha Keable’, ‘Encore’, ‘Yanaku’, ‘Essáy’, ‘Sofia Kourtesis’ & ‘Pedram’,

always pleased to check the releases from ‘Bastian Sikker’, ‘Sad Eyes’, ’Hellion’, ‘Shin-ski’, ‘Weaver Beats’ with ‘Planet V’, ‘Dulcimer’ & ‘Orchids & Flowers’,

always glad to read some news about ‘AN.’ in collaboration with ‘ELIZA’, ‘Gidge’ & ‘Karavelo’ with ‘Burning Earth’, ‘Heartmath²’ ,

& last but not least,
happy to find artists such as ‘Elroy 4.0’, ‘Toko-Asis.’, ‘Jhfly’, ’Dominic Joel’, ‘Arapaima’, ‘Hidemoon’, ‘Zodiac’, ‘Elysium Alps’, ‘Kilimanjaro’, ‘Aebeloe’ & ‘Fthrsn’.

be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.