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octa october (10/15) (#mmr013)

#mmr013: octa october (10/2015)

a very belated hello to you, your dog & the peanut butter in your fridge. it’s time for the solar team to talk about our last venture for the secret gems of the soundcloud-universe. october has ended, everyone is still sufferin’ from headache & giddiness after a long weekend of halloween-partyin’ & trick or treatin’.

yet, the party is not over. some may celebrate right now ‘the day of the dead’, others the fact that they’re still alive & able to strive through this panoply of places, where the only thing, which is going to stop you probably might be your bad conscience or your bank statement. but anyway, life is a party. live, love & don’t forget to eat your fries.

so, november did begin & i by myself, totally hate it. it’s not that karma’s completely steering you & your routine, but since years, this month has never been a good one for me (haha). fingers crossed, it will be a way different one… albeit, praying for that might end bad too.

anyway, we’re here (thanks to my colleague for advising me to amend the purpose of this article from a rant to an informative presentation) to say some words about the latest piece of electronic music that crossed the street while we were venturing. so be sure, that november is not going to disappoint you. we’d like to start our usual thing, by show our gratitude to each of these artists, who are featured on this compilation, called ‘octa october’, for the month october (pretty obvious):

first of all,
we’re in love with songs from ‘Kid Smpl’, ‘Kanyon’, ‘Fishermen’, ‘ASW’, ‘Monakr’, ‘Boogrov’ & ‘Moscillate’ with ‘Garimastah’,
blessed to hear some new melodies from people like ‘Cavan Brady’, ‘Cold Youth’, ‘Intertwine’, ‘Dems’, ‘Heartmath^2’ & ‘Meaty Johnson’,
thankful for the releases on labels such as ‘More Than Records’ (with the track from ‘Airwav’ with his collaboration partners ‘Shini’ & ‘Jovany Occomy’), ‘Local Action Records’ (with a new ep from ‘Finn’), ‘Sunset Waves’ & their release from ‘Congruence’, ‘Black Marble Collective’ with songs from the artist ‘Kane’,
thanks for some new vibes by ‘NŌVA’, ‘James Beau Barclay’, ‘ZXPH’, ‘Halbwome’, ‘Celestial Trax’, ‘Mi Ka’ & ‘Emmett Kai’,
always pleased to check the releases from ‘Vweevers’, ‘Karavelo’, ’Kid Ghost’, ‘MicroA’ & ‘Olmos’,
always glad to read some news about ‘Joss Ryan’, ‘Fear Club’, ‘Black Mvk’, ‘Neuroliptica’, ‘Scathe’, ‘Burning Earth’, ‘Foxwedding’, ‘Coubo’, ‘Playfulfingers’ & ‘Slidecamp’,
& last but not least,
happy to find artists such as ‘Kanyon’, ‘Midliife’, ‘Kagwe’, ’Outer Limit’, ‘Alex Szotak’ with ‘Mulherin’, ‘CJ Flemings’, ‘Deverano’ with ‘Kaelyn’, & Bubby.

be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.