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auverne august (08/15) (#mmr011)

auverne august (08/15):

a new comp is on its way to the public, chapter eleven already. it seems a little bit like a miracle, a riddle if we compare this blogthing with its beginning. sooo, let’s make a flashback to september 2014: we thought that we’re going to start this thing here like one month before, on august 2014. unfortunately, due some (let’s call them) ‘time issues’, we had to postpone its release date with the first chapter of the ‘flamboyant five series’. we’re still reminiscing that specific night where we just spent like five hours on one (sorry dear lord for the profanities, god-damn) article, and yet we’re still happy to go on and on with the magical itinerary on this galaxy. we’re pleased to expand this site, to create a platform for uprising artists, who deserve to be mentioned about their work. so, let’s start with the thing we’re actually doing all the time on this section of the site, by mentioning the included artists.

we’d like to
say hi to ‘krakaur’, ‘fekir’, ‘bilo503’, ‘nepo’ & ‘last island’,
thank you to ‘midnight’, ‘kid’, ‘whereisalex’, ‘iamra’, ‘depressed informant’ & ‘abhi//dijon’,
make a shout out for ‘in love with a ghost’, ‘autodream’, ‘roughfields’, ‘ytac’, ‘paul chin’ & ‘miselle’,
listen again to some tunes by ‘djin’, ‘stephen’, ‘cvrl’, ‘jzone’, ‘shit japens’, ‘huber daviz’ & ‘mono:massive’,
show some gratitude to ‘sensi sye’, ‘graves’, ‘bryson mcgee’, ‘vada’, ‘arfus’, ‘spire’, ‘unforseen’ & ‘pearl,
check more releases by ‘duncan gerow’, ‘not not fun’, ‘kolada’, ‘christopher dixit’, ‘yellow lunar human’, ‘steffen yoshiki’ & ‘stolen snares’,
read more news about ‘adham safena’, ‘hati hati’, ‘myst’, ‘intervene’, ‘commandeur’, ‘tülpa’ & ‘sunday’,
put songs on our ipod from ‘raptures of lovers’, ‘j.roosevelt’, ‘buji’, ‘we are machines’, ‘koresma’ & ‘airshaper’.
last but least,
many thanks to the labels & collectives, such as ‘data transmission’, ‘harrow’ & the ‘xxx’ soundcloud site.

be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.