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jaunty july (07/15) (#mmr010)


it is about time to share some playlists again with you, the people of the blue planet named ‘earth’ – some riddims here, some soul tracks there, a little bit of hip hop, a pile of electronic music. time is running fast, it feels like july is still not over & yet a new month initiated itself (already) days ago. we’ll see what is going to happen, meanwhile let us reminisce about things from the past: chap 10 – ‘jaunty july’ is what we like to talk about.
so let’s start to think about july: we had plenty of on-going festivals, a pile of music releases, the ‘reanimation’ of so-called ‘dead-genres’, politics, news you’re not interested in, but people tend to share it 24/7, theories about dead celebrities of the ‘music biz’ who can be still alive, fortunately no news about catastrophes on the planet.
these things could be the reason why the month has passed so quickly. so, you can see there is nothing special to mention about the thirty days, so let’s skip the telling part & let us start to ‘say thanks’ to all included artists’ on chap number 10:

first of all,
– thanks for some new vibes by ‘deadbear’ with ‘qrion’, ‘kristalltheque’, ‘rekon’ & ‘tymelapse’
– blessed to hear some new melodies from people like ‘solace’, ‘where is alex’, ‘gaslight’, ‘lyric walls’, ‘jetson’ & ‘jess audrey’,
– always pleased to check the releases from ‘the marphoi project’, ‘dellyion jackson’, ’emp’, ‘holy rain’ & ‘zac’,
– in love with songs from ‘kenny segal’, ‘alicks’, sofie le titre’, ‘handbook’, ‘rascal’, ‘madijuwon’ & ‘fouram’ with ‘nyquill’,
– happy to find artists such as ‘enschway’, ‘cnvert’, ‘fvde’, ’emune’, ‘sensi sye’, ‘hlmnsra’, ‘rare’, ‘poly pines’, ‘boske’, ‘julie’ & ‘koreless’
– always glad to read some news about ‘lovewithme’, ‘calcifer’, ‘rkzuk’, ‘sales’, imphepho’, ‘sandpeople’, ‘nepo’, ‘ahhooh’, ‘networthy’ & ‘submerse’,
& last but not least,
– thankful for the releases on labels such as ‘bad panda records’ (with the track from ‘team morale’), ‘soda island’ (with a new song from ‘izzard’), ‘too lush’ (with a brand new piece of art by ‘wvlf’), ‘prescribed’ (with the collab between ‘watsn’ & ‘rafterman’) & ‘hausmade’ (with ‘ash lay’ on their first compilation).

thanks to all the featured artists, labels & groups for sharing some music on any type of network, whether we’re talking about facebook, twitter, soundcloud or youtube. we’re pleased to present you, after some chapters on the solanthology, a new part of the music mountain ridge series.

be sure to check our updates, the statuses of the artists on facebook, their tweets about new releases & informations from the supported labels, groups & people. okbye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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