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mellow may (05/15) (#mmr008)

chapter 8 – mellow may

hello, it has been a while since we’ve written an article in the music mountain ridge section. since we’ve decided to put a monthly compilation out for every month, it’s quite time-consuming to fetch the most secret gems in the galaxy of the internet. the songs you might need to listen, the artists you might need to check, the labels you might need to follow, blogs, collectives & janitors.

let us be blunt, if you want to enter the blogging stage, the artist stage or the world of working, there is the most important thing u have to provide for it – time. the time is what can differ you from (even though it sounds quite harsh and incongruently) a bloody amateur to a sophisticated ‘pro’. besides the time, it is the persistence that makes anything you anticipated possible in every single possible way you can slightly imagine. if you work on yourself, your personality, your abilities, there is nothing that can stop you following your dreams. and, of course, never ever forget to do anything you’d love to do with joy. if there is no joy, well that street is leading you then to a dead end. without joy comes frustration, with frustration comes the lack of persistence, with the lack comes distraction. it’s the distraction that buries you on the ground of sloppiness, it’s the lack that rivets you on the tower of laziness. with all these, you’re going to stand still. time is standing still, nothing is moving.
it’s up to you, to re-start the engine, steer up on gear number 4, and bring up all the essentials, to evolve yourself as a human.

so unfortunately, we had to face some distractions (well.. let’s say tons of). these lunatic & obnoxious time-pilferers literally loot our crate of concentration, all these bad articles about person ‘xy’ or videos, ehrm, vines about animal ‘ab’ and so on. sometimes, if you’re working in a team, be glad that someone pinches you when you’re distracted from the main thing you’re currently on it.

so, let us talk a little bit about the compilation we did put up on this day. we actually named it ‘mellow may’, due its high percentage of ‘less dancy, more ambient’-tunes. we tried to mix up all the things we could fetch in the last three and the half hours. if we did miss something that has deserved to be on it, we’re going to weep first, second try to put it on the next chapter. so we’d like to say thank you for all the included artists, labels, collectives who put up these tracks on their website, and thank you to all the reposters whom we had the chance to collect more and more pieces of pulchritude.
-the team of the solar mountain ridge

we’d like to announce some ‘amendments’ on the website, since we have started that site already eight months ago, it’s time to bring up new topics, so that we keep ourselves away from the dark hole of tedium.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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