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mellifluous march (03/15) (#mmr006)

chapter 6 – mellifluous march

buenas noches.
hello and welcome to our next chapter of the anthology of the music mountain ridge. this time we celebrate our sixth part of the series, named mellifluous march:

it’s already six months ago that we did put up the site on the internet. six months, and yet we don’t see the point to ‘go nuts’ as usually other sites (no names, no fines) did.
so, today is the first of april, which actually means that either we have to make the worst jokes, or play a little role in a deceptive april-fools-game. well, none of us were part of that, none of us were fooled, actually none of us even cared about that. is that normal? we guess so.

well let’s start to reminisce a little bit about the last month: better let’s say the so-called highlights, the big-ass news in the world of music that let’s your muzzle wide-open, the words that keeps you flabbergasted, bedazzled until someone else has to pinch you to reactivate you from your state of awe – (roulement de tambour…): … NOTHING,

– nothing really interesting happened, besides the announcement of a new audio-format ‘designed’ & named under .stems by native instruments. long story short, finally you don’t need a specific daw to cut the vocals out of one record, with .stems – you can easily mix, record & remix tunes – live.

– what else? ah, ultra music festival.
some djs were playing some tunes infront of a crowd, nothing special. we’re not really in the mood to talk about that in general, it’s just that we would actually amend the meaning of this site, no news about why dj ab put his booger on the desk while performing or why the kids did this & that.

-what else? hmmmm, the tragic airplane crash in the alpes. the summertime appeared. the solar eclipse. people are still arguing about a girls-duo that was formally a trio, how bad they are, what part of their former productions they actually did. or how boy b dare to exit a really well-known boy group, to pursuit his own career? how dare you boy? ..and not to forget to mention: tidal – the service that fuses the functions of spotify & youtube.

there is so much hate around the world of music, people simply hate you for ludicrous reason a or ample reason b, which is wrong in our opinion, it’s not about the hate, the dissent, the nonchalance, in the music it’s all about love, dedication & passion, if you still don’t get the real meaning of ‘la musica è vita’, then you should probably rethink your course you’re currently heading.

as usual, we tried our best, to collect some pieces of pulchritude, put them in a playlist, and tell their story in our chapter of the music mountain ridge anthology.
the variety is pretty good, better than we actually thought: we have some drum & bass, hip hop, ambient music, electronic, and so on.
artists such as baauer, dubble dutch, sizzlebird, alexander lewis, sisko electrofanatik, lsdxoxo, tommy jacob, waventide, tymelapse, ….
…but also falls, zack the lad, gallant, himalia, boycott, marcioz, amphior, boxwork, may & many more.

drum & bass, electro, hip hop, r&b or whatever genre (future bass does also apply) you produce, the first thought should be to express yourself, to show dedication, to feel free to let flow your emotions, because that is what really makes you an artist.

we’re going to be soooooooon back with some updates & stuff, so feel free to check out these great musicians, each of them is worth the time.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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