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fervent february (02/15) (#mmr005)

chapter 5 – fervent february


we’d like to start with the presentation of the ‘fervent february’ playlist of the music mountain ridge series:

basically, creatin’ this playlist really took us the time, not only becuz it’s the fifth chapter of that part of the website, also becuz of the lack of the speed which is right now engulfin’ us, the net really forced us to slow down. what we did mean, is not that we did need to wait to check all the recent releases only for minutes, no, honestly it took really some hours, to load at least the last hundred releases that were shown on our goddamn stream. we could talk endlessly about it, rant about it, spew out some meany-meany-words, but we keep that for ourselves.

to talk about this playlist, duuuude, it’s the worst created by mankind. lol.

the worst becuz by spreadin’ out, buildin’ up a network with so many creative people, labels, collectives, people who have some time to spend on the music, students, grannys, kids, adults, part of them, we have the bold opportunity to collect, pick out our favs, insult on the ‘bad ones’, textin’ meaningless messages like ‘do u even sidechain’ or ‘if ure reading this, u’re josh pan’, and even send them some photos of our pizza-orgies.

well, let’s say, that we tried to put all the meaningful releases into that tracklist (no sorry, there is no jack ü, no drake, and the other artist that released her album, wasnt that madonna? well, we forgot it sorry lol). we’re still askin’ ourselves why that month was so-so uncomfortably short, but that would distract u and probably us, if we would tell about the historical background of the length of february. let’s say, it was someone’s fault. that’s probably sufficient.

the highlights of the month, mhmmmm, the oscars, the brit-awards, miss t.s. dancin’ to ‘used-to-named-by-himself yeezus’ track (oh hell that was awkward..), the superbowl (please, not to forget to mention, the shark-performance, the attempt to combine popmusic with hiphop, oh there was also a part of lenny k. to see, just some part of the hair)…

…mhmmm, what did we forget. nothing? all that sums it up, the end of the world is still here, we still talk about globalisation, people are still killin’ each other, countries are playin’ death games with each other, the economy is part-time yay and nay, beats by dr.dre are still lame & expensive.
ok, enough with the distractions, it’s not a blog to rant about our world, the people, no, it’s just about the music (we love to talk redundantly, that just becuz we’d like to accentuate the meaning and purpose of this beautiful website).

let’s start with some shoutouts: shout out to these beautiful people named the great ‘rivers’, ‘yung god’, flippy ‘beshken’, flamboyant ‘audile’, the great ‘scntst’, the mighty ‘casso clay’, beautiful ‘tekvision’, mellifluous ‘totem’, super ‘polo’,‘the masks’.

also to mention: ‘heavy hearts’, ‘lonli’, mister ‘kimoweh’, ‘lovewithme’, ‘giraffage’, the used-to-be-called schizophrenic ‘josh pan’
…if we did forgot to mention ur name, we’re sorry, there are so many great people like u, that deserved to be named, but we’d like to finish up this chapter before midnight, due the lack of time.

edit: it was (that’s for sure) the shortest chapter of the series. lol

le fin..
..oh btw

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if u want to send some cat pictures or simply to say hi, holla at:

the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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