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joyous january (01/15) (#mmr004)

chapter 4.1. – joyous january


we’re here with chapter 4.1. of the music mountain ridge booklet.

a new year has started, new resolutions were made, new life goals, new (fill something in that might be important, alas we did forget to mention). u might want to be more active, to change things, make stuff better, get better in shape. eat less bacon, more cilantro, gluten-free, low-fat. less pizza, more fish, less chipotle, more tacos (whoops, wrong word).

u’re goin’ to be persistent, to withstand all these goodies… for one whole day.

after that, u’re still goin’ to eat, do, create, make the same shit again and again. not becuz we like it, noooo, hell no, it’s only becuz we tend to be conformists, (people, don’t come with: ‘ughhh, wait, there are exceptions, by mentionin’ person a or person b, who first was a dimwit, and did the same shit all the time for centuries, then came nye, and he/she/it completely changed his/her/whatever life.’)
all what we want at the beginnin’ of the year is to initiate something, a thing, that amends just for a tiny bit our routine, becuz a total amendment might end in a bedlam.

as a musician ure probably goin’ to think about: ‘yieah, this could be mah yieear, i finally goin’ to make the good stuff, less the bad stuff, i’m goin’ to play at festivals, and im goin’ to have soooooo many groupies bla bla bla…’
…well, that would be what a twerp would say, someone that does not get the idea of creatin’ music. neither is it about sex, alcohol nor something else that might change ur life dramatically. it’s about passion, love, dedication, amity, unity, enthusiasm, individualism. it’s just about the art, the meaning.

we came here with a reason on this place, some of us may get the meaning of their life soon or later, but at the end of the day, we all know, why the dear lord sent us on this planet. for the musicians, the artists in general, it’s about (as we already mentioned) passion, & dedication.

we write music, to make people happy, we write music, to make us the musicians proud of ourselves, to support each other, to spend time, to create, write, compose. we write music, becuz we can express ourselves by composin’ melodies, we write music, which can be immortal and survive its creator for centuries.

all these words, all these meanings, were put in this next playlist, to show u how diverse music can be, and yet bring up the same emotions, as joy, jauntiness, bliss, & love.

before someone comes again, what kind of genres did u as a team put in that playlist, please, go ahead, take a look, and never ask us the same question again. it’s a music blog, it’s not a site, where only specific genres are posted.

disclaimer: neither did we say, that people that are not musicians, dont have the same ability to create something, which they’re goin’ to be proud of. if someone feels him/herself a little insulted, we don’t give a fuck. ok. bye.

oh btw..
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ok. bye.

the end of the tale but not of this book.

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