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ardous april (04/15) (#mmr007)

chapter 7 – arduous april:

hello. chapter seven is on his way to the public. we had the pleasure of decent entries so that we did have a bad time for choosing the best of the best for the previous month. april has ended – may has begun..
so let us reminisce a tiny bit about april and its musical culminations: chapter 7 – arduous april here we go:

so like basically, the high frequency of releases is frighteningly good. demos, tapes, mixtapes, remixes, refixes, the good ones and the less good ones. we tried to put some different stuff as our usual (less dancy, more soothy music) ‘ish’ together, and we’re pretty happy with the result. ‘mmr007′ has some dancy vibes in it, some jazz, some indie, and even some latin music. albeit, don’t be afraid – we’re not goin’ to end up posting some festival things, that is what we really are not going to do. lol
to reminisce about the events of the last thirty days

  • first,                                                                                                              we’d like to make a stop at the bus station named ‘the arrival of the innovative, revolutionary, extraordinary streaming service named ‘t****’ – (we’d like to keep the name anonymous, due the ‘angst’ of being doomed to pay fines to the heads of that company).
    long story short – the application was announced as the revolutionary thing in the streaming section – with it, you have the ability to stream high-quality music, high-definition music videos, etc etc. of course, ‘t’ wouldn’t be totally free of charge, only the exclusive people can use it, by paying either an amount of money, per month, or if you really hear the difference between 256 kbps and 320 kbps, pay more for the high-fidelity art. if you check it for the first time, the first thought might be ‘that is sort of a fuse of spotify & youtube’ – so why should i pay something for that if i can use the other services and even for free? of course, there is a specific reason. as the heads of ‘t’ obviously the big heads of the music industry already mentioned at the presentation-ceremony: ‘t stands for a service for musicians, created by musicians’. if you do a research, of how much money people actually do receive while their songs got streamed, you’ll see that we’re not talking about millions of dollars, no, at the most, we’re talking here about thousand of dollars, and that’s not enough. so that finally ‘t’ has arrived and wanted to end this mess – as the aforementioned slogan said ‘a service for musicians, by musicians’. we’re going to see how this thing is going to evolve.
  • second,                                                                                                   there were stories about politics, celebrities, the weather, more stories about celebrities, politics, finances, the weather. (endless circle)
  • third,                                                                                                     we were unfortunately witnesses of the earthquake crisis in beautiful nepal, a holy place for its pulchritude of cultural monuments, a sacred country for many people, a country for mountaineers, it’s such a tragedy that hopefully may never happen again. not forget to mention about the riots in baltimore, initiated by the tragic death of ‘freddie gray’. forgive us for doing this, but it’s our duty to mention these tragedies to reminisce the people that not really everywhere everything is going well.

so like basically, we’re going to end the chapter with saying thanks to the following artists who are part of this chapter:

we’d like to say ‘thanks‘ to – francy la barbera, oh wonder, applescal, vessels, drk, santé, butch, rilla force, hvrxld, ryan jacob, chillchap & bricks.                                                        
please not forget to mention: ducatiboi, drip133, klimeks, enschway & akacia, captain pizza (cool name tho), 2deep, mark arkinson, tigerz, content, luke davidson, lovewave808, seifuku, chpln, special request, jahkoy, leisure, vaperror & deffie…                                                         ..and special thanks to william crooks, ahh ooh, kaelyn, ftse, hazel english, myth syzer, markai, mk grands, jikes, the masks, a himitsu, doujinshi, froyo ma, miajica, tenkai, ateph elidja, unforseen, ritual & neww eraa.

stay tuned for upcoming updates.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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