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juvenile june (06/15) (#mmr009)

chapter 9 – juvenile june

hey guys, it’s us again with a delay.

unfortunately, we did not manage to put out the comp on the 1st of july, due (ok, let’s say) time issues. thanks to the fact that couple of stuff had to been done on the first & the internet connection somehow died for some hours in our place, the solar mountain team was quite frustrated about that. we’d like to make an apology & hopefully that kind of delay is never going to happen. again.

so, currently a new month has started, school is over, let’s concentrate on the business, the music biz. we’re quite happy that we manage to finish the concept of the ‘planned amendments’ on this site, these améliorations are going to be visible pretty soon. some extras on the site, the social networks and so on.

july, the month of parties & vacation. july, the month where you can do the stuff you’d like to do, writing some music, enjoy the time, no worries about test a or work partner xy.

so, we keep this short here and would like to concentrate on the comp in general. as usual, we wanted to put some ‘diverse’ than the vapid things you’ll probably catch a glimpse on it. there is also as usual no specific genrification on the comp, just some good music to take your time, inhale & exhale the melodies that are arousing you, take a sip of your beer or drink your glass of wine with relish. as usual, it is all about variety. there are (bless god) tons over tons of musical ‘belleza’, that needed to be mentioned on a website, a playlist or just somewhere else. people who deserved to be named, due their (let’s say unabashed) unfathomable percentage of high quality output they put on soundcloud, youtube or somewhere else.

so let’s start to say thanks to the included artists on that compilation:
many thanks to the ‘nightcap’ crew and their solid musical output, with artists such as ‘hypho’ or in this case, ‘bodné’.
we’re grateful about the existence of artists such as ‘jahn rome’, ‘one t’, ‘duce’ & ‘labisch’,
thankful for songs from ‘yosumi’, ‘monomotion’ & ‘no tv no radio’,
pleased to listen to some melodies from ‘mounika’, ‘life is better blonde’, ‘spheriá’, ‘twenty9’ & ‘sizzlebird’,
blessed by hearing trenchant compositions from ‘alesia’, ‘edapollo’, ‘wvlf’ & ‘enzalla’,
riveted by tracks by ‘stu’, ‘shou’, ‘olli’, ‘josh rubin’ & ‘mapps’, ‘luminance’, ‘lovewithme’ & ‘kolada’,
entertained from artists such as ‘mik elstein’, ‘saulya’, ‘p. morris’, ‘nick león’, ‘mount dreams’ & ‘litany’,
impressed by ‘great skies’, ‘nehzuil’, ‘happa’, ‘jimmy q’, ‘la mar’, ‘look.’, ‘vic alexis’ & ‘(koi)コイ’,
hopeful for future releases on the labels & groups such as ‘villain recordings’ (including the artist: ‘whynnel’), ‘big dada sound’ (including ‘samuel’), ‘your secret’ (including ‘josh rubin’ & ‘mapps’), ‘origami sound’ (and its relases from ‘jaona’), ‘future heist’ (including the artist: ‘vbnd’), and thanks to the ‘boiler room’ with its ‘boiler room debuts’-series.
did we forget someone? ah, yes. thank you ‘vassh’ & ‘haven’, ‘tie dye ky’ & ‘blight’, all of your productions deserved to be mentioned with some words.

we’d like to say good bye & be sure to check our updates. bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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