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09/04 – 09/11 (#FF112)

Luminal Fuse

Oh, it has been a while. Not that we did that on purpose, but some things needed to be cleared, before we can contribute some pieces of pulchritude to the community.

One of the issues that impeded us to keep on going was the layout of the page, which was getting old for a while. We don’t know, if you had this situation, where you end up in a dead end & then got two options left: either you go back or go further & beyond.

With the time passing by, we always knew that we’ll go further & also that if we really want to motivate ourselves to keep this site running, some things have to be amended.

While the layout is looking like a beaut right now, it has been the content that has brought up the real head ache. The primary idea of was clear: to serve as a platform for the music aficionados, to give upcoming artist a possibility to present their work on our site, without forgetting the human part of it.

Thinking about the human part, we have to make a confession: There will be some changes about releasing schedules of future articles, collaborations or features. Not that we decided that out of a whim, but if you really want to make this site grow in light speed, the amount of time, which has to be put in is something that is impossible for two persons.

Not that we’re going to complain about it, we love what we do, but the specific amount of time is something that we can’t put in all the time, especially, while both of us have to work, to study & work on other projects as well.

We hope that you understand that & want to focus on the main part of this new article, the music. So, let’s start to talk about these 5 pieces that we stumbled over the last few days:

Phelian, Amybion – Salvation

There has been no release that we did not like from this label, whose latest addition, the result of an art collision between these two producers, is part of our latest #FF-collection.

In case you were wondering to whom we may refer, it’s the netlabel Insight Music, whose path we’re following already for a while. With the sheer endless amount of creative output, it sure was no wonder that we will return talking about a new release from our beloved friends.

Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look on the record. Being released as an extended play, which is out for free, we’d like to invite you to take a closer look over this piece of pulchritude that has been the result of the aforementioned art collision between Phelian & Ambyion.

The individuals, who have joined forces to make this record reality, did focus on creating crisp beats, whose melo compositions tend to stick to your ear drums for quite a while. While going through the upload, the focus has been set on bringing up an atmos, with such an intense ratio that you automatically press play over & over again.

Picking out a tune that epitomizes the emotions that we try to convey was the hardest part of this here. So, we decided to pick Salvation from the Grey Unknown-extended play. We hope that you’ll like the decision.

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Mathbonus – Wasteland

The next piece on the list is we recently tend to listen more & more, for specific reasons. One might be that checking out beat constructions that are not sounding like something you’re probably going to listen to on a public radio station.

Another, the darker textures that engulf the oeuvre. The girth of atmospheric drum-settings, fused with lurid synth compositions that will give you shivers first & goosebumps next. While thinking about the shivers, we pressed play again.

Dear Community, we’d like to introduce you Oregan-based créateur Mathbonus & his aural illustration of emotions, named Mopeworld.

The man on whose site we recently crashed to it, has put out a piece that we truly listen & listen over & over again. Whether if we would the accentuate the aforementioned emotions, the ubiquitous shivers given by the melo composition or the layout of the record, we love what we’re listen to right now.

Make sure to put a specific focus on our pick of the record, named Wasteland. We really don’t know how to describe it, but this composition has a special aura. Triggered? Go check it out now.

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Zgjim – Keyshia_flip

While writing these lines, we can’t stop to smirk all the time. Not only that we recently stumbled over this man & his discography filled with gems, it’s also his originality that will immediately guide you to the Follow-button.

By perusing the sheer endless variety of uploads, it sure was no wonder that we’ll listen to some parts of the tunes that we did not during the first time. Same applies to the following piece that we decided to add on this list.

Reading the title makes it clear that it is a flip, which increases the interest of what it may sound like. If you’re into grime, or raunchy beats that may not sound like pop record a or b, then you should probably make a stop over this creation here.

While you do that, make sure to take a closer look over the man behind this amalgamation of sounds, named Zgjim. We’ll keep you updated for future releases.

In case you can’t wait that long, feel free to venture through his catalog of sound layers. But be aware, they’re contagious.

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Beyoncé – Sweet Dreams (Torai Remix)

For this piece, there might a gargantuan amount of reinterpretations that you can listen to on the world wide web. A good amount of these renditions might be good, some of them bad, some of them better.

But what made us to write about this remix here is here, has been the bravado of the artist to put in that much of individuality in the rendition that will make you speechless.

Speaking of which, we’d like to invite you to take a closer look over Amsterdam-resident avant-garde producer Torai & his take on Beyoncé‘s Sweet Dreams.

The man behind this catchy moniker has been on our watch, since his lovely contribution to the first Yung LDN-compilation.

To describe his style: It’s a hotchpotch of grimey beats, with chimerical synth layers that will primarily sound odd for someone who never heard that style, but with the time passing by, be in love with every second of it.

As we always tend to expand our artistic horizon, we’d like you to invite to do the same, press play, put on some headphones & let the melodies do handle the rest.

Oh & make sure to press follow, you don’t want to miss any news on new updates, gigs, etc. Right? Of course not.

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Cardinal Sound – Without You Riddim

To experiment with sounds that you probably did not hear before is something that is tingles your mind, if you would ask us about it. Venturing through the realm of Soundcloud & find artists, who do not fear to go further, is what you need to do soonish.

While going on that aforementioned endeavor, this man with his sticky moniker appeared on the list of recommendations. Proud to introduce him to the Solar-Audience, we did add one of his chimerical uploads as the final one on the collection.

By saying that, we’d like to say Hello! to UK handicrafter Cardinal Sound & his creation, named Without You Riddim.

Gathering these 5 pieces has been truly an adventure that we’ll sure do more in the future. Especially if we’re reflecting about the Solar-concept, to go further & beyond, it would have been a mistake, if we wouldn’t have added this man on the list.

To describe the handicrafter’s sound: it’s a fuse of established UK-sounds that surely can not be put in a specific genre-corner. But if you do, then it would end up as a hotchpotch of words that would make sound ridiculous.

Instead, we’d like to invite you to take a closer look over the Without You Riddim, the perception of Cardinal Sound on music & feel free to share your thoughts with him or us.

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Big shout out to every of these gifted individuals, whose perception on music really did sugar coat our last days. By sharing these, we’d like to do that with your day as well. Make sure to keep an eye on future updates, features & contributions from us to the community.

Until the next flamboyant time!

The Solar Team.

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Artwork made by SAL666

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