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08/07 – 08/14 (#FF111)

#FF111: Azure Veils

Hola & good day to a new episode of the #Flamboyant Five-Series.
While we recently did tend to share mostly Electronica-creations, we were in the mood to convey some words about some lovely uploads from the R&B, Soul-section.
By saying that, we better hurry now & let the music speak for itself. So, shall we? We think, we shall:

1. Ruby Francis – On My Knees

Venturing through the aural spheres that engulfed us while listening to the following record was an eery-yet-drooly moment that we’d like to repeat. While we thought that it has been about time to share some gems that can be put in the R&B-corner, the music of this gifted musician magically appeared while perusing the sheer endless realm of Soundcloud.

Based in London, we’d like to introduce Ruby Francis to you. The artist, whose latest publication, the Night Time Therapy-extended play has sugar-coated our last week so far, impressed us with her knack to write tunes that stimulates your soul. Being touched by the picturesque creations, it really has been a tough decision to pick one tune that epitomises her perception on art (in our view).

By choosing the piece On My Knees, we personally believe that you can catch a glimpse of the talent & quality that is inside this upcoming artist. With having goosebumps all the time, whether if we would accentuate the seraphic voice, the crystal-clear drum-setting or the whole concept of artistry behind Ruby Francis, we’d like to invite to listen to this stunner of an upload & let your soul be mesmerised by these chimerical vibes.

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2. Zodivk – Escape

The next piece is a crisp flip that you definitely need on your latest playlist. Being created by the Athens resident & beat-maker Zodivk, it’s the sootiness inside the creation that made our decision really easy to add it on our collection for this week.

By taking the original (in case you’re wondering, the original is the result of an art collision between Alina Baraz & Galmatias) & merging it with his own elements, Zodivk has made a sooty creation even more sootier. It might be the first time that we have talked about this interesting sound juggler. Yet, we have a precognition that it won’t be the last after perusing the succinct discography that can be heard on his account.

Speaking about, we’d like to share with you this lovely creation with the links to his profile. Do us & your mood a favour, go on the site, press play & let the music engulf you.

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3.S U N J E T – Paulina

The tune Paulina is primarily defined as a hotchpotch of synth layers which have been set impeccably well to each other, to establish an atmosphere around your auris interna that can be defined as something alleviating.

Secondly, we’d like to accentuate the bassline of sublimity that goes inside & outside of your corpus. Forged by Los Angeles-based aural doctor S U N J E T, it has been a pleasure to discover this release & write about it.

Plus, with a profound selection of uploads on his Soundcloud-profile, you can’t stop & keep on listening to every piece on Josh’s site. But while you’re doing that, make sure to press on #Follow, because, in the state of aural awe you might forget that, which would be sad.

Impressed with the abilities that this producer provides, we’ll stop with the intro & let the music do the rest. Oh & make sure to share the link to his profile with your loved ones.

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4. Jamie-Rose – Hands Off

If the worlds of Kehlani & Jhene Aiko would collide to each other, the result of the collision would end up as something like the upcoming record that we’re going to present to you. If the first sentence does confuse you, well, skip the introduction & press the play button, but make sure to come back & re-read it. It does make sense, doesn’t it?

Folks, with a high level of jauntiness, we would love to share some thoughts over Hands Off & her progenitor, Vancouver-based artist Jamie-Rose. The artist, whose perception on art is something that truly intrigues us, has been one of our recent discoveries that we made on our latest sound endeavour. By defining her music as a fuse between R&B, Electronica & Soul, it has been an aural spectacle to witness that we’d like to share with you & you.

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, the upcoming artist expanded her musical horizon by moving to Vancouver. With the release of the Hands Off-extended play, Jamie wanted to show her fans the sublime result of this venture that she had.

By saying that, we give you the opportunity to expand your horizon by inviting to press play again & surround yourself with the vibes of this lovely musician.

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5. Julian Avila – D U S K

Last creation can be defined as our finale for this week, a future beat with a catchy melo composition that sticks in your ear drums. Originally created by Cali beat-maker Julian Avila, we’d like to share the piece named D U S K with you.

As we already mentioned that the upload can be defined as a future beat, it has been Julian’s interest in experimentation that intrigued us to write down these words. While accentuating some elements of the sound structure, we’d like to point out the aforementioned melo composition, the amalgamation with the lurid drums & the crispy snares, which made our choice to add the beat to our playlist of the week so, so easier.

While wading through the discography, we knew that we had to share this fellow producer with you & you. By saying that, do your (in case) lousy
mood a favour, get some headphones on & stream these pithy uploads till you fall asleep.

Thank you for the lovely record, we better hurry & get ourselves a copy of it, you should too.

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Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow, hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Ok bye.

Le fin..
..Oh btw

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