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05/22 – 05/29 (#FF108)

#FF108: Ubiquitous Horizon

Oh it’s getting warmer than we actually predicted. As we were on the road to get to the office, we were intrigued by the sheer beauty of this pre-summer Monday.
Armed with a sundae and some cup of coffee, we started our day with a session of aural reminiscing. Re-listening to the tunes that we have stumbled over, we have picked our favourite 5 pieces, put them on this playlist & wrote down some thoughts that we had while being aurally engulfed by their sheer beauty.
As this might have a higher focus on beat creations, we’d like to invite to listen & read our thoughts on this playlist which is going to trigger you with its variety of sublime sounds.
So, shall we start? We think, we shall:

1. Luke Aymon – Unrequite (Feat. Cedric Jackson II & Faride Blanco)

Collaborations, or as we tend to call them: art collisions, are something that we’d like to listen to the most. But why? Well, one reason could be the sheer curiosity that triggers you to check it out, another one the interest how different perceptions on music are fused to create something that you would never have listened. Speaking of which, we’d like to take a closer look over this sublime creation, named Unrequite.
Being the result of an art collision between the artisans Luke Aymon, Cedric Jackson II & Faride Blanco, it has been a joy, a pleasure to listen to this uplifting creation. Whether if we would accentuate the beaut of a synth composition, the amalgamation with Cedric’s & Faride’s seraphic voices or the whole concept of the collaboration, it has been true magic to witness.
While listening to this aural aspirin, we thought that if there is going to be more like this in the near future. What we can promise is that we’ll inform you in case something is coming up. In the meanwhile, why don’t you grab yourself a copy of this lovely tune? We’re pretty sure that you would put up a gargantuan smile on their faces.

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2. Kolaz – XXX

This tune has literally melted our ear drums. If in case somebody is selling some, we would happily order from you instantly. Jokes aside, what a stunner to listen to. But who is responsible for this moment of jauntiness? The answer: Washington-based producer Kolaz.
As we were perusing the endless realm of Soundcloud, we somehow managed to stumble over this talented guy here. Loaded with a chimerical curiosity, we started our itinerary through the aural sphere created by this lad.
While going through the discography of sublimity, we stopped over this succulent beat creation, named XXX.  The paragon of an upload stymied our ears with its synth composition of pulchritude & as aforementioned, melted our ear drums in the moment where the bass line did set in.
After being stuck in a circle of repetition, we finally got the chance to write down these words full of allure. Folks, if you’re looking for something that uplifts your mood to a new level, then this oeuvre might do the job. Succulent creation, adorable creative heads.

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3. Efímero – Remind Her

Remember Efímero? Of course, you do. If you don’t, then write his name down. As we stumbled over this lad from Santiago some months ago, it has been his output or better said, the evolvement of his music that made us write about him again.
Not only did he manage to progress astonishingly, but also his sheer knack to use a diversity of sounds to make something that you need to put on your playlist. And so are we back, with one of his pieces that we lately stumbled over, named Remind Her.
The future beat that tingles your ears from its start to its ending, sugar-coated our day immensely. Of course, they are billions of beat makers that you ought have to listen to, yet they are only a dozen that stick in your memories, due their gift that god gave them, which is in this case: to melt down your ear drums with a mere beat.
Make sure to get yourself a copy of this lovely upload, don’t forget to subscribe to his channel (if you haven’t already) & share this gem with your loved ones.

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4. Nusnce – Fearless

Fearless is the next tune on the list. Created by Connecticut citizen Nusnce (pronounced Nuisance), it has been the melo composition that riveted us to stay on his site. Being part of the Genesis-extended play, it turned out to be an obligation for every beat aficionado to take a closer look over this lovely record.
Whether if you adore the rhythm of a future beat, the individual usage of fx’s or the talent to merge these sound layers together to make your day a great one, this beat maker shall be your guy.
Speaking of which, if you’re already listening to the record, the extended play or his discography, why don’t you subscribe to his channel, so that you won’t miss any updates towards new uploads, profound information etc?
Sublime creation, lad. We have a feeling that we will write about your music pretty soonish.

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5. T m z k – Nakr

If there is a nation that knows how to make music, then France will be probably on the first place. Whether if we’re talking about Techno, Electronica, Ambient or Rap beats, there is at least one French man that is on your list to watch over.
As karma wants to accentuate this mere fact, it has been destiny that has brought us to this man here. Based in Montpellier, which a beauty of a city that is nearby Toulouse & Marseilles, we’d like to introduce you to T m z k & his succulent creation, named Nakr.
The French man, who put out his first tunes in the Soundcloud universe, is somebody who likes to experiment with different sounds & genres. As we were listening through his discography, we finally made a stop over the aforementioned tune. The reason why we did chose this upload is easily to explain: it represents Thomas’ perception on music completely. Whether if we would accentuate the creative take on a melo composition, the fuse with the crisp bass line or the whole arrangement in general, Nakr is the record you primarily need to listen to.
With this introduction, we’d like to invite you to take a closer look over this handicrafter here, engulf yourself with his uploads & be sure to share the aural output with your brothers & sisters.

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