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05/15 – 05/22 (#FF107)

#FF107: Humming Conundrum

You know it is a good day, after you’re able to share your deepest cravings with your people. The thoughts that were tingling your mental den. The melodies that engulfed your ear drums for such a long period, as it has been almost unbearable to keep on enduring it.
Yes folks, we’re talking about the self proclaimed hiatus that we were in around the last two weeks. As we had to go through a couple of days full of monotonous repetition and unilateral tedium, it feels like freedom to write down these words.
But are we going to have a period, such as the last 14 days again? You’ll see the answer, pretty soon.
In the meanwhile, why don’t we get started with these 5 pieces that we’re stumbled over? We think that this might be a good start for the week. Yup? Ok, let’s do it:

1. Drohves – Pillbox

Folks, we’re the deepest aficionados of side projects. It’s an opportunity to present the audience another perspective of art that you’re making & give them an opportunity to go beyond their imagination. Speaking of which, we’d like to take a closer look over this gem here.
Created by Drohves, which is the side project of Jon Maynard, mostly known under his main project Soular Order, what you’re going to hear is a succulent piece of ars electronica that definitely is going to end up on your playlist on the go.
Being part of his latest extended play, named Second Step, Jon has uploaded this creation a couple of weeks earlier than the actual release date for the record, to give his fans a possibility a sample of the way of sounding.
What you’re going to hear is a Lo-Fi creation, with a profund bass line fused with a melo composition of sublimity. As this publication increases the level of curiosity, we’d like to invite you to check out the extended play.
Be sure to purchase the included Pillbox-tune, share the link to the record with your loved ones & say Hi to Drohves on Twitter.

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2. Drip-133 – Everything, Endlessly

When we’re listening to every release of this lad here, it is already an obligation to share some thoughts on each of them. Not only that this beatmaker tends to amaze us with his knack to rivet your ear drums with a catchy rhythm, it’s also his gift to deliver gems all the time.
In case you’re wondering, indeed, we were talking about Drip-133 & his latest addition, named Everything, Endlessly. Being uploaded just a day ago, we felt obliged to do what was needed to be done. By adding this gem to our playlist, we’d like to sugar-coat your day with a pinch of chimerical beat productions that crossed our path.
While listening to this upload, you’ll be stuck in the Drip-133-realm, where synth compositions are merging with a decent amount of drums & kicks to create utopia. Ok, that sounds a bit too philosophical & deep.
Folks, do us a favour, check this piece out. Be sure to subscribe to Drip’s Soundcloud channel, in case you didn’t. Oh & put your head phones on again & check his latest album, lovely upload.

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3. Ayroh – Silence (feat. Elle Chante)

Take a moment of Silence. Take a moment to Breathe. After you’re done, press play & get stuck in this composition here. Being the result of an art collision between Lyon-based handicrafter Ayroh & Birmingham resident artisan Elle Chante, it has been an aural pleasure.
Not only that we’re following the evolvement of the French musician for a while, it is his output that makes us flabbergasted from tune to tune.
As we recently checked this lovely collaboration, our intuition said that this might end up on the playlist of this episode. Luckily, it came how it came & we were wondering what we can expect for the next couple of months of days & weeks.
While listening to this gem, where Elle’s seraphic voice & the Ayroh’s beat production create an amalgamation of sublimity, it made us wonder if there is going to be a possibility that an art collision might happen again?
We’ll keep you updated if it is going to happen. In the meanwhile, be sure to put this one on your list of favourite pieces, subscribe to both channels & send the link to the collaboration to your sister.

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4. Pseudocentric – No Rain

This artist here is a somebody that you have to give attention to. Not only that we recently came in touch with his perception of art, it is the sheer intriguing amount of music of pulchritude that came out of the hands of this gifted musician.
But who are we talking about? Coming from Arizona, we’d like to introduce you to Pseudocentric & our favourite piece of his discography, named No Rain.
While perusing the sheer endless vastness of the Soundcloud universe for jams, it was destiny that steered us to this lad here. By defining his art as something in between Lo-Fi, Hip Hop & Future Beats, it has been his knack of making every release a special one. Focusing on our choice, we’d like to accentuate that this (sorry for the bluntness) CHUUU-NNNE is a genuine product of Pseudocentric‘s craft by coevally creating the instrumental & rap on it.
Lovely creation, lovely musician. People, do us a favour & check him out. If you don’t, you might miss something that you’re really want to listen to. A gargantuan amount of Thank you’s for this piece here. We’re looking forward to hear more in the near future.

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5. Handbook – Only Girl (For Me)

Last piece for today. Have you ever heard a piece of the creative being that goes under the moniker Handbook? If yes, you know what you’re going to be engulfed with. If no, make sure to click on the Follow-button. But why are we saying that? Because we have to.
The York-based producer, whose path we’re following for a looooong period, recently put this paragon of a release out. Naming the creation Only Girl, what you’re going to listen to a future beat that stimulates your mental den. It’s the piece that you were craving for to increase your mood, to start your day with a succulent production to make the sheer thought that a new week has started less agonising.
As this shouldn’t be the only upload that you should check out, we’d like to give you an opportunity to get in touch with the craft-hood of this British mad man (just joking).
If you don’t, then you’re going to regret that decision. Sublime publication, sublime artist, what do you need more?

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Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow, hug to their labels & Don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Ok bye.

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