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04/10 – 04/17 (#FF105)

#FF105: Silver Cloak

Hello, hello. After a tremendous weekend with a decent amount of chocolate that made its way through our tummy, we finally got the time to stand up & go after our duties. Technically speaking, it’s still Eastern. But it wouldn’t be a good Monday, if we wouldn’t share some gems we stumbled over the last few days. To describe the way of sounding of this playlist: it’s something for the feeels. The current idea is that we’d like to upload from week to week a higher level of versatility & diversity in our next playlists.
As we’re already seen posts, where we have been associated with an Indie blog, platform, we knew that we have to make a statement. By sharing with you this 5 pieces that we gathered together, we’d like to initiate the weeks of diversity.
So, shall we begin? We think, we shall:

1. Melldu – Wait

Starting our day with a succulent record that made its way through our mailbox, is what we love to do. As we’re happily got the time to take a closer look over the creation that this Moscow-based stud shared with us, we were flabbergasted by the sheer amount of vibrations that were engulfing our eardrums.
In case you were wondering, yes, we are talking about the man who knows how to touch your soul, the artist Melldu. As we’re already mentioned that the bloke did recently hit us up to check out his latest addition: the 93-extended play, we were intrigued yet again by the succulent melo compositions merged with a decent amount of bass to take you to the Melldu-realm.
Perusing the aural spheres over & over again, there was a tricky challenge to master: pick the tune that epitomises the way of sounding. Our decision has been the creation Wait. Whether if we would re-accentuate the chimerical melo composition or the crisp bass line that surrounds your environment for a while, we knew that this one might be the perfect example of the record.
In case you’re thinking different, hit us up & tell us why another piece might be the better choice. Oh & be sure to grab yourself a copy over the site of the Swedish music label NINETOFIVE.

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2. Pure – Devotion

Next piece has been a refix of one of our most beloved ambient pieces that you can ever listen to. We really don’t know how many times the original has touched our soul, but if we would enumerate it, we would definitely get an infinite number.
So, about which piece are we talking about? Any ideas? No? Ok, we help you out. You might heard about the producer Stumbleine, whose records were released from moment to moment over the beloved Youtube-channel of MrSuicideSheep? If yes, we don’t have to go further, if no, then do yourself a favour & check this man out.
Focusing on our feature, we’d like to invite you to check this facelift of the stunning original, named Cassette, made by Stuttgart citizen & producer Pure. The lad, whose remix definitely is worth a mention, took the original & fused it with his elements to change the view on the tune.
As we usually tend to say that you shouldn’t reinterpret a stunning original, we have to say that Pure changed our thoughts on this in a positive way.
Be sure to get yourself a copy of this stunner, subscribe to the lads Soundcloud channel & share the link with your loved ones.

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3. WRCKTNGL – Outkast

What a stunner. Lovely variation of sounds that has been put together to make you drool over your work space. If you don’t understand why we’re saying this, then you should probably hit the play button, but be aware to have some napkins around.
Yes, folks, we’re talking about this succulent creation that we have luckily found around 2 days ago. From its beginning till its ending, we knew that this one needed to be on our list of the week. But who is responsible for this moment of awe? Denver inhabitant & artist WRCKTNGL.
The man, whose name we heard already so many times, has a decent amount of uploads that ends up in your favourite music list. Whether if we would accentuate the mere amount of solipsistic melo compositions, the knack to melt your eardrums with a stunning bass line or making an arrangement that makes you drool over, it’s one of his latest publications, named Outkast that we had to put on the list.
As this specific tune is an extraordinary one for WRCKTNGL, due the fact that he likes to show the audience a new spectrum of Wave music, with darker textures, we’d like to hear your opinion on this lovely record as well.
Meanwhile, we’re going to hear this stunner probably for the next couple of hours. Oh & don’t forget to grab yourself a copy, because it is for free.

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4. Emotegi – Can’t Come Down

Did we already say that we truly adore Future Garage-pieces? It’s its deep & trenchant bass lines that bring up shivers, the mesmerizing acapella that stymies your body, the succulent synth compositions that wade through your body, these are some elements of this beaut of a genre that we love to hear so many times.
Speaking of which, we’d like to show your one of our latest additions to this playlist: the gem named Can’t Come Down. After some minutes, where we mostly had to smirk & sob coevally, followed by a dozen amounts of saying YES, we finally got the time to take a look over of its progenitor, who is responsible for the goose bumps.
Hailing from the Bay Area, please do us a favour & say Hi to producer Emotegi. The young lad, who we recently stumbled over, provides a variety of sounds that has been published on his Soundcloud-site. By perusing the aural spheres, we made a stop over the aforementioned tune. The piece that can be definitely seen as a paragon of the Future Garage-genre.
Folks, do us a favour & check this man out. You’re not going to regret the decision.

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5. Kavern – Gone

Last tune is the gem that you were looking for. It is the tune that makes your Monday a good one, if in case these words might not convince you, then we’d like to invite you to press play & listen to Gone, the latest upload by Chicago-based producer Kavern.
The lad, whose path we’re following for a while, really never tends to disappoint us with every release that we stumbled over. Whether if we would accentuate his knack on sound structure, the solipsistic melo compositions or the pithy usage of acapella chops, the bloke from the windy city is someone you should watch over.
Plus, be sure to take a closer look on this succulent discography that can be heard on his site, because otherwise you will regret it by not doing this.
Oh btw, why don’t you grab yourself a copy of this stunner here? Follow the instructions on his site, put it on your walkman & have the blast of your day.

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Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow, hug to their labels & Don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Ok bye.

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