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03/20 – 03/27 (#FF103)

#FF103: Luna Glitter

We’re having March, the 27th & the sun is already shining with its ubiquitous rays through out the Solar office. By staring endlessly out of the window, we almost forgot to go after our duties: the music.
As we are preparing to do some major updates in the next couple of weeks (more TBA pretty soon, folks), it is always the best thing to calm down yourself with some melodies, created by lovely people, like you & you.
Friends, newbies & intriguing labels, we have made a new playlist that will definitely do its best to increase the level of jauntiness. Atmospheric beats, mesmerizing creations made to make you shiver & dance coevally.
Speaking of which, let’s have a talk on these five pieces that were gathered for this playlist of the week, named Luna Glitter. Shall we start? We think, we shall:

1. Vector_kid – Scared of The Future

Starting your week with succulent melodies is what we love to do the most. Gathering them together & make your day a better one is our primary passion. Speaking of which, we’d like to talk about this lovely creation by Milwaukee-based producer Vector_kid.
We recently had a talkfest with this lad, where we got the chance to check out his recent uploads, such as his long play named It’s so High Up Here. The record that can be seen something in between ambient atmospheric sounds, fused with a decent amount of bass & kicks, has been the latest piece that we’re listening through out the day.
The textures that have been implemented in each piece of it, convey emotions with a mere amount of synths & eery-yet-catchy fx’s. So, by picking the tune Scared of the Future, we believe that we have chosen the right one, by presenting you & you the sheer talent that is slumbering inside of the mental den of this bloke here.
If you believe that this one might not be the epitome that impeccably represents the mental den of Vector_kid, then do us a favour & share your thoughts on this. Oh & don’t forget to grab yourself a download.

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2. Ekcle – Sakoya

Oh, next release has been a beaut & pleasure to listen to, which has been published by the gents of Inspected, a London-based label, whose premise is to inspire people, like you & you, with music or their perception on art in general.
With their discography, which is filled with versatility in sound structures & design, it is for us pretty odd that we never talked about one of their additions. Fortunately, we finally came to do that.
Speaking of which, we’d like to invite to check out this promising group, coming from Bristol (yay!). By naming themselves Ekcle, what you’re going to hear is a venture of diverse textures, merged with synth layers that tend to please you in mere seconds.
Plus, as we were perusing their latest publications, the Deshoda-extended play, we were literally flabbergasted of the way of sounding.
Elements from different genres fused together to create this electronic piece that makes you drool over your work spot (oh, be sure that not a single electronic device is nearby your mouth), there would be more to say but that be redundant.
By choosing the last track of the record, named Sakoya, we’d like to invite you to take a look over these two blokes, give them a like, start to follow their path & get yourself a copy of this release.

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3. Drake – Take Care (feat. Rihanna) (Luminance Remix)

This Monday turns out to be a good one. Thank god. Thank the world. Thank this girl here, again. By recently dropping this remix here, Luminance really sugar-coated the great start of the week with an aural aspirin.
As there might be billions of Drake reinterpretations, as we previously mentioned, it still triggers us to check them. Luckily, one of our most favourite artists did her best & put some new layers to the original, named Take Care.
Pressing the play-button, lets you definitely understand why we’re writing these words with such a high level of enthusiasm. The new facelift of the original rivets your ears in less than seconds & melts down your surroundings in a couple of minutes (btw: Maddy, you own us a chocolate bar, your music melted it down *insert sad-emoji*).
There might be more to say about the impeccable merger between the dark-yet-catchy synth layers & the crisp acapella, yet as we tend to say only a couple of words & let the music handle the rest, we’d like to invite to do that as well.
Press play, put away your chocolate bar & enjoy the atmospheric beats made from the girl from Mesa.

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4. Eikona – Turn My Back On You

In dire need for a piece that increases the intensity of your thoughts? Well, we might have found one that will help you out. Created by ambient & future garage virtuoso Eikona, what you’re going to hear is a publication that will stymie your mental den for a while.
Whether if we would accentuate the crisp bassline, the omnivorous snares or the mesmerizing acapella, Turn My Back On You is something that needs to be on your playlist for rainy days.
As we’d like to show you a panoply of sounds, it really intrigues us whenever we listen to a shimmering new release by this gifted handicrafter here. Such a lovely tune to listen to, day per day.
Folks, really do yourself a favour by starting to follow Eikona‘s path. But why? Because these beauties of uploads need to be on your list, we can feel that.

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5. Parov Stelar – Coco (JacM Remix)

What a lovely piece to end this article here. Being one of our latest discovery, we’d like to say Hi! again to Warsaw resident & ambient music artisan JacM.
The producer, whose path we’re following for some years, never tends to disappoint. Whether if we’re talking about his ambient renditions, his future garage oeuvres or the merger between those two, it is a sheer joy to listen to every release.
Focusing on his latest, we’d like to talk a bit more about the remix that has been made from Coco, a creation originally produced by Linz-based Electronic Swing legend Parov Stelar.
Starting the tune with a glittering amount of shivers, the creation engulfs your eardrums in mere seconds. Whether if we would accentuate the different arrangement layers, the additional elements that were fused with the original ones or the mere amount of energy that is wading through your body, we have to say it again & again: Thank you for the shivers, JacM.
Be sure to subscribe to this paragon of an artist, share the link with your mum & don’t forget to drink some proper water (due the high risk of drooling).

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Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow, hug to their labels & Don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Ok bye.

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