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03/13 – 03/20 (#FF102)

#FF102: First Things First

So this beginning of the week might be the earliest for a looong period. Not only that we have here around 7 am in the morning, but also due the fact that we already couldn’t wait longer for a new episode of this beloved anthology.
Starting your day that early has quite some advantages. One of them is that when you’re done with your daily routine, it is still the early afternoon. Doesn’t that sound astonishing? Being free on the afternoon & after that you can go after any passion that you can slightly imagine?
Yup, it does sound good, but this brings up the crucial disadvantage of it: you’re going to be weary after 6 pm. Real talk, we’re not talking about 6 am on the next morning, no, on the afternoon, you will be tired so that you automatically won’t be able to do something, except, maybe if you would drink some coffee again. But, please, be advised of avoiding that.
Instead, we have 5 pieces that might help you to wade through the realm of sleepiness. 5 chimerical releases that we gathered for you for this special week. So, shall we start? We think, we shall:

1. Moonhater – Mock

First come, first serve goes to Windham-based producer Moonhater. The lad, whose path we have crossed recently, will trigger your attention with mellifluous melo compositions merged with a crisp bass line.
Speaking of which, we’d like to give you an example of the talent that is living inside of his mental den: the ambient-electronica piece Mock.
Starting with a shimmering intro, where you’re going to be engulfed by the aforementioned melo composition that has been fused with a decent amount of kicks, bass drums, the creation is something that alleviates your mood instantly.
But when should you play this tune? Right at the moment, where you decide to go to bed & try to impede of starting your daily routine earlier than usual.
Oh & people, be assured to instantly push the play button again, because the second time will be way more refreshing than the first one.
Plus, if you don’t mind, why don’t you put this piece here on your list of current favourites? We think that you would put up a smile on this gifted man here.

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2. Tobias – Old Crib

Starting your week with a new piece from one of your favourite beat makers, has been something that we were looking for. Listening to a new chimerical upload by this NYC-based sound designer is definitely something different.
In case you were wondering, yup, we’re speaking about the sound artisan Tobias, with his latest aural addition to his discography, named Old Crib.
The multi-instrumentalist really does not cease to amaze us, from release to release. Whether if we would accentuate the mere idea on sound, his perception on arranging the aural output or the whole symbiosis between the diverse amount of layers, it can be definitely said that it really is a joy to listen to this piece here.
Speaking of which, we’d like to invite you to have a listen, take your time & let yourself motivate for the gargantuan amount of duties that is waiting for you.
Oh & btw, send the link to this paragon of an electronica release to your dad. We think that he really needs this now.

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3. Made in M – Dindi

A long period has passed since we talked about an artist, based in the city, if not the capital, of cultural diversity. Too long that’s for sure.
By checking out one of the latest uploads, named Dindi, it has been an obligation to put these guys on our list.
Why so cryptic? About who are we talking about? The answer: Berlin residents & sound jugglers Made in M. The gents, whose are juggling with elements from diverse genres, such as lo-fi, hip hop, electronica & ambient, recently put up this stunner here, which has been on repeat during the last few hours.
But what is the essential part here that turned this into a must-put-on-the-list-piece? The whole arrangement, folks. By pressing play, you will be riveted by the cozy-atmospheric synth composition that wades its way through your ear drums in mere seconds.
Followed by a shimmering set up of acapella chops, makes the upload a must-have for your playlist of the month.
Speaking of which, we’d like to let you check the amount of pieces of pulchritude that has been uploaded on their Soundcloud-site. All you have to do for that is to click on the provided link below here. Thank us later.

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4. Efímero – Un baile

A little side-fact, there might be a billion remixes of a Drake-piece. A million good ones, 999 million terrible ones. Focusing on the astonishing ones, we’d like to talk about Santiago resident & producer Efímero + his interpretation of the original One Dance, named Un baile.
The hybrid piece, which can be seen as a creation in between the future beats- & the neo-soul-section, stimulates your mood trenchantly.
Whether if we would accentuate the beautiful idea of merging the elements of the original with his own perception on beat production or the mere fact that this remix is worth the listen, it surely has been a thrill to check this publication out.
So, folks, if you need a decent amount of aural aspirins, Efímero might be your man for handling that. Don’t forget to say Gracias for this stunner here & drink some water afterwards, because you drooled too much. tooo much.

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5. The Dip – Won’t Be Coming Back

Last piece is from this gifted ensemble here. By releasing their promising record, named Won’t Be Coming Back, they won us as their latest fans.
Based in Seattle, we’d like to say Hi to The Dip & welcome them to the Solar Fam.
The group, who likes to experiment with elements from r&b, electronica, soul & pop music, got our attention with the aforementioned release. The 4 track-upload has surely sugar-coated our day tremendously. With the succulent fuse between the different genres, to create a cynosure, it surely has been a duty to add this paragon on the list of the week.
But, as this extended play is so good that you can’t decide, which piece should be on the article, it surely has been the most difficult part of this episode here. Yet, after a decent amount of rehearings, we finally added the title with the same name as the record on the list.
As we’re seeing this one as the epitome of the sheer talent that is inside of this group here, we’re interested in your opinion on it.
All you have to do is primarily listen to the publication & afterwards let us know if you feel the same as we did.

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Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow on Twitter, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Ok bye.

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