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03/06 – 03/13 (#FF101)

#FF101: Lone Peak

Thank god, the sun is shining.😎😎😎
With all the πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯-energy that we’re getting from this sheer fact, the duties that are on our way feel like a pile of vapidness.
Albeit, there are some things that still bring up a smile in our faces: writing about music, sharing the aural aspirins with you & get a fresh cup of coffee with honey. Yes, you read right, so bless the honey.
Around the last few weeks, we received a high rate of love, which made us flabbergasted. Thank you, these moments are the best ones, when you spread the love & you get the same amount of it back. It brought up some tears.. of joy.
Plus, they were questions about this specific series, like why every part has a title & what they mean. The real question is: does it really matter? We wantonly name them, if you really wanna know.
Focusing back on our main priority, we’d like to talk about our collected pieces for this episode. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
So, shall we start? We think, we shall:

1. Tim Yellow – Drift (prod. By Asymbiose)

The first thing that has been written down on our agenda for today was to check our emails. In these, we tried to check all the musical output that made its way through our mailbox.
One of these made has been Drift, a mesmerising collaboration between Berlin-based artists Tim Yellow & Asymbiose. We recently had a talkfest with Tim, if we got some time to check his uploads.
Luckily, as we finally had a chance to peruse the aural spheres, we were intrigued by the synthesis in between the art collision. Whether if we would accentuate the succulent melo composition or the merger with ubiquitous voice that is wading through your surroundings, it has been a thrill.
Speaking of which, we’d like to share with you the link to the ravishing piece that fortunately made it in our mailbox. Big shout out to Tim & Asymbiose for sugar-coating our afternoon.

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2. Caitlin Blake – Neo Tokyo

Ohhhh, it has been a loong time since we talked about this artist. A century, which is too long. That’s for sure. If you’re asking already, yes, folks, we’re talking about Caitlin Blake.
The girl, who amazed us with prolific creations that can be seen something in between lo-fi, ambient & electronica, has been busy with publishing gems over gems. One of them had to be on our playlist of the week.
Being part of the Neo Tokyo-extended play, it has been track number six that we had to put on the list. Titled as the same as the extended play, what you’re going to hear is an aural amouse-gueule that stymies your mental den for the next couple of minutes.
Little side-note, the mastering has been done by somebody here on the article, but we wont say any names, go check it for yourself.
Oh, btw, grab yourself a copy of this stunner here, who knows when you got the chance of stumbling (if you still didn’t) over that gifted artist again? Right, you can’t tell.

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3. Renjā – Ballet

Time to listen to mellifluous percussions, merged with a succulent synth composition that brings up some seconds of obfuscation & jauntiness. Yes, these words might be the impeccable ones to describe the mere feeling we had, while listening to the piece, named Ballet.
Created & published as a part of the extended play, named Solarium Vol. 1, it has been the sound designer Renjā, who has sugar-coated our day with her succinct arrangement that mesmerises & never leave you again.
The piece, which has such a trenchant impact on your ear drums, has been something that we were looking for a loong long time, period. It feels like an eternity that we featured an ambient tune on our article. Too long, that’s for sure.
Folks, we just did find out that the extended play can be downloaded for free, what a beaut. But folks, would you mind in doing us a favour?
As we’re here to support the upcoming artists, it would be awesome if you would share some love by spreading the link to the music with your loved ones. As we can feel that alleviative tunes are the best ones for a Monday, this here might be the perfect piece to listen to.

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4. Amaara – Blue

The sheer fact that Monday is here brought up some serious moments of migraine. The sheer fact that the lovely Amaara released yet another quality piece diminished the aforementioned circumstance in less than a minute.
Before you ask yourself, where did you hear that name before, we’d like to answer you the question instantly: Because we had the pleasure to stumble over this gifted girl from Toronto around some months ago, as far as we remember. We might have to double-check that.
With her debut release named Black Moon, the introduction about her & her perception on art, was futile. But why? By pressing play, you’ll understand what we meant. A tantalising voice, engulfed by a mellow beat that teleports you in the realm of Amaara.
Speaking of which, we had the pleasure to check her newest addition, the creation named Blue. The release that brings up sedative moments, where your soul will be infected with an alleviative flow, has been instantly added to our latest episode. Such a paragon of a release.
But, if these words did not fully convince you, do yourself a favour, by clicking on the play button. Afterwards, add the upload to your playlist of the month & go for a walk, you’ll feel the difference.

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5. Shanalog – Turn Out The Lights

Last piece is a demo that has been uploaded three years ago. But why in the world did we feature this one still here? The answer is simple: it’s a great one.
Created by Auckland native & producer Shanalog, it has been a joyride to peruse the aural spheres coming from the realm around the tune Turn Out The Lights. By pressing play, you will be riveted by the melo composition, following by the cookie-crisp bass line that will reverberate through your ear drums a while.
Listening through this stunner of a publication made us curious of the man behind the catchy moniker. As far as Soundcloud tells us, the producer’s real name is Shannon + as we previously mentioned: he is based in Auckland.
Unfortunately, it seems that Shannon might be in a hiatus for a while, as his latest upload is from two years ago. Yet, as we tend to be optimistic, there might be a slight chance that we will hear more of these cynosures in the near future.
We’ll definitely keep you updated. In the meanwhile, go check the other publications, because there are some gems that needed to be heard by you & you.

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Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow, hug to their labels & Don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Ok bye.

le fin..
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