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02/28 – 03/06 (w/ VVITCH) (#FF100)

#FF100: VVITCH-Edition

Alright, folks. It’s a Monday again. The week has started. You will be stuck in your routine again, be pissed all day long (as we usually are), make the best of everything, but still be mad at everything that crosses your path or dares to do that.
As we were perusing the ubiquitous spheres of the blue planet, we realised that something really really special is going on. Guess what, we really did forget about that. But what?
Today marks a special day: it’s the day where our 100th episode (you read right, haters) is finally coming online. 100, that feels like an eternity. As we would already hit the mark earlier, yet were bogged to be omnipresent all the years, it really makes us proud that we finally reached that goal.
To celebrate that, we asked our of our most inspirational musicians that we had the pleasure to talk with, if he is up to host this part of the anthology. Yes, folks, we’re talking about the Swedish full-time virtuoso VVITCH.
Luckily, he said yes. So enough with the intro, let’s do this:

Greetings reader,
The face behind VVITCH: Someone who was brought up through childhood with music as the primary aspect of life. One who had a lot to say about a lot of things, but mostly kept quiet. As life develops, this person gets more into writing. Art. Broadens the spectrum of genres listened to. Obsesses about details—about the things not many understand. Analyzing things that usually go right over regular person’s head —analyzing things that aren’t necessarily there. VVITCH does at this point attune to the more deeply resonating levels of anything abstract, beginning to understand the broken & unfinished even before growing up to realize the world is not as happy as the playground suggests.
It becomes too much to keep within himself. The person behind VVITCH internally panics and trades the calm character for a more frantic one. Energies pump from the individual’s being – both positive & negative. Brutal honesty becomes an issue and often leads to social trouble.
There is a need to express inner emotions through sound, literature, imagery…
VVITCH is born.

5 quick facts about VVITCH:
– Has roots in metal music, listened to since the age of five.
– In a state of near constant daydreaming.
– Will die for Twitter account Archillect.

– Made music on & off for 6 years under 9 different Soundcloud accounts. (Good luck finding them.)
Long term goal is to one day make a score for a movie shown in cinema.

1. RuddyP & Taquami – Hold

An elite masterpiece of intricate design – this track was released October 2, 2012. Just staring at the title of this track makes me feel warm inside. This is the sensation of someone who means a lot to you, hugging you.
Without going into too much technicality, the duo basically takes six different genres and smashes them into one. A very rare gem from 2012 that has an incredibly special place in my heart.

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Have you ever been in love? Ever heard how love is the one phenomenon that can never truly be put into words? That might be, but it sure can be put into sound. Little over two years ago that happened, as BLVCK CEILING released CLOSE.
The staggering emotional chords piercing through the heavy bass show us how the phenomenon is simple in core and that we are the ones turning it complex. Stare into a wall emptily & listen to the first minute of this track, and you will already have dove into your past when everything was perfect.

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3.Haven, FIFTY GRAND – Chainsaw Massacre (Moon Asking To Stay)

First thing’s first, if you don’t get shivers listening to this then something is very wrong with you – and I mean it – you need medical attention.
A brilliant execution to the original track by FIFTY GRAND; Haven raises the bar for the entire scene in only 4 minutes & 36 seconds.
Time stopped the first time I listened to this track. I swear it on my life.

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4. Numenorean – Home

The intro track to Numenorean’s album Home. The artwork to this track caused controversy because it’s the image of a dead child.

Here is the beautiful explanation that also reveals the plot of the 44 minute masterpiece:
The central theme, music, and image for Home revolve around a longing for something that we as humans will never achieve. We are all empty and broken in some form or another, so we look for fulfilment through things like money, sex, relationships, drugs, religion, and a variety of other things, but we in the end ultimately remain void of any true happiness . What we are really searching for, is the innocence of a child, which knows nothing about this world and since we are incapable of ever getting that back, the only place we can find this comfort is inevitably only through death. The little girl on the cover represents this final resting place for us – beyond our existence in this world. And the album title sums it up once you realise she doesn’t have to experience all the pain and sorrow of becoming an adult. Home evokes this melancholic blissful state within the listener and as you spend more time becoming familiar her picture, you begin to see the music reflecting her being in this condition, reflected in her face seemingly close to smiling. It is the death of innocence.

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5. Lorn – ACID


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A billion Thank Yous followed by a gargantuan amount of 🙏🙏🙏-emojis to VVITCH for the time & effort + making this episode a really special thing. Be sure to subscribe the lad immediately, because who knows when the next gems will be online. Just a tip: pretty soon!

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