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02/20 – 02/27 (#FF099)

#FF099: Pleasures & Qs III

Monday afternoon on the watch & bloody hell, we really have made it so far. Today is a special day. But why? Because, folks, it is the 99th episode of this series here. What has started almost 3 years ago, turned into something that is growing from day to day. By seeing that, we’d like to say TTTTTTTTHANK YOU for all the love that we have witnessed so far πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.
Without you, there wouldn’t be us, there wouldn’t be the site, there wouldn’t be…
…As you can see, the enumeration could go on for an eternity. But we’re not here to annoy the shit out of you, more likely, we’d like to do what we love to do the most: speaking about music, its people & the perception of art.
With number 99 on the roll, number 100 is not that far away. We keep you updated what is going to happen on the next week. But in the meanwhile, shall we talk about these 5 gems here that we gathered around the last few minutes, hours & days? We think, we shall:

1. Mufaro – Blood Stains

Ouups, we did it again. Since we have discovered this talented lady, there hasn’t been a single day where we did not listen to one of her creations.
As if it has been set by karma herself, we’re back again writing about her again. Yes folks, we’re talking about Mufaro here.
The Boston-based singer-songwriter surely has a wide range of releases, where you can spend a lot of time jumping from track to track.
Speaking of which, we’d like to talk about yet another stunner, the piece called Blood Stains. The electronic creation that has been on repeat for a while, is definitely going to sugar-coat your day.
But why? Whether if we would accentuate the seraphic voice or the sublime selection of musicians that have worked on this instrumental here, this release here needed to be mentioned again. By saying that, we’d like to invite you to drop by, give a listen to the discography of succulency.
Don’t forget to share some publications with your family, they might, oh better said, they definitely need it. now.
Crisp creation, Mufaro. Thank you again.

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2. Azryah – Euphoria (feat. Pep)

London is definitely a spot, where you can discover a gargantuan amount of artisans that will definitely end up on your playlist, whether if it is a bass line that triggers you to have a work out or a mere melo composition that alleviates your bad mood. Fortunately, we have stumbled over some of these gifted people. One of them: the 25 year old singer songwriter Azryah.
The artist, whose name you will definitely going to remember, made us flabbergasted in mere seconds. But how? With this stunner of a release, named Euphoria.
By collaborating with the London-based rapper Pep (also known as Pepstar), what you’re going to hear is a crisp art collision between two creative heads. Starting with a stellar-sound synth composition, followed by the angelic voice of Azryah & the verses on point by Pep, it has been a joy to hear. Do yourself a favour, press play & get inside the realm of Euphoria.
After 4 minutes, you will be still inside of it, even though the tune has been over already. But if in case, you might get out then after some time, don’t forget to press play again.
Lovely piece, it had to be on this list here. Otherwise we definitely would regret that decision. Talking about making decisions, folks, get yourself a copy of this one here, before it’s too late.

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3. Jean Feier – Run (Prod. by JXXBX)

Is it nowadays possible to write music, where you only have an instrument, some fx’s & your voice to mesmerise the audience? The answer couldn’t be easier to give than now. But do we have an example for that? Yes, we do have this on here.
Created as a collaboration between anonymous producer JXXBX & Frankfurt citizen Jean Feier, it surely has been joyful what we have witnessed after hitting the play button. Engulfed by the aural spheres of Run, which have been intensified by Jean’s mellifluous intonation & the chimerical-yet-minimalistic piano play, truly is what you were looking for to listen to on a Monday afternoon.
Oh, why didn’t we find this gurl earlier? Well, better we did now than never. Currently checking the discography, so we keep you updated about Jean & her oeuvres.
With this cynosure of a release, we’d like to invite you & you, to grab yourself a copy of this one here, put it on your iPod, go for a walk. Oh & don’t forget to send this over to your best friend, they need that like we did.

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4. Tiana Mantra – Jaded

Ohhhh, this one here is crisp like the butter cookies we had like 10 minutes before we came to the office. Ok, we need to ask you one thing: have you heard about Tiana Mantra? Because we unfortunately did not. Or better said, did not yet. As we fortunately got the chance to check her debut release on Soundcloud, we were in a state of awe.
Overwhelmed by the palatial combination between the instrumental & the astonishing vocalisation of this young aspiring musician, we knew that the piece, named Jaded has to be on the list of this week. Speaking of which, the level of curiosity about its creator has been pretty high. So, we did what we can do the best besides listening to sublime oeuvres: get infos about the artist.
This is what we found so far, the young girl is based from London. With her Soundcloud debut, she quite made an impact. Looking forward to hear more in the near future, we’d like to invite you to press on follow, so that you definitely get any updates towards releases, news & any other significant info.
Gorgeous piece, alluring voice & moments of pulchritude, these would be our current choices to describe this London-based citizen.

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5. Paige Lihya – Crazy (feat. Bonkaz)

While listening to the last creation on this article here, we realised that this selection of talented handicrafter are mostly based in London, which is really interesting.
As we mostly are looking for people, with a profound versatility, you will definitely bumble through the realm of an artist based from the city of diversity.
Speaking of which, we’d like to talk about this trenchant art collision here. Being part of her In My Thoughts-extended play, the singer songwriter Paige Lihya has teamed up with the rapper Bonkaz to make this creation a special one.
Whether if we would talk more about the instrumental, the merger between Paige‘s intonation & Bonkaz rhymes or the whole arrangement, there wouldn’t be words for describing the level of jauntiness we recently had. Really an overwhelming piece that we have stumbled over.
Folks, do yourself a favour, click on the provided link & venture through the aural spheres, which has been created by Paige Lihya. Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy, follow her path on Twitter & send the link of the extended play to your uncle.

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Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow, hug to their labels & Don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Ok bye.

Le fin..
..Oh btw

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