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02/06 – 02/13 (#FF097)

#FF097: Long Lost Motion

Oh my god, the sun is shining. That was probably my thought while I woke up, my colleagues might laugh on me, but unfortunately we’re not blessed with a sublime weather or at least, the warming light of the sun.
Seeing this ubiquitous momentum increased the level, the motivation to finally do some stuff that was lying way too long on the desk. Oh & of course, listening to music.
Speaking of which, we put out some creations on the list that made this monday a perfect one to start in the new week.
So, shall we start to listen? Oh, we shall:

1. Lauren Miles – Break Me Down

We started our day with Break Me Down. The piece, whose creator is based in London, can be seen as a futuristic Pop record, that will be liked by you & you.
For those, who might not heard about Lauren Miles, educate yourself now. Too lazy to check out? Well, we’ll make an exception this time. The young artist, who is actually from Rochester, moved to London to pursuit a career in the music scenery. After finalizing the Brit School – Musical Theatre, she is currently doing what we all love to do: making art.
One of her latest creations, which has been aforementioned, made its way through our mailbox. While we were bogged down to listen to new releases, we somehow regret that we did not check our mails earlier.
The song that impeccably shows you the potential that is behind this aspiring musician with its sublime arrangement around the seraphic voice & the instrumental, has sugar-coated our morning. Oh & it will do the same with your afternoon. Looking forward to hear more from her in the near future, we’d like to invite you to check this cynosure in the meanwhile.
Be sure to follow her path on Twitter & Soundcloud, give a shout out & share the link on Social Media with your cousins.

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2. Regina Amado – Time Free

Time to get your mind free. Definitely. As some of us may fight with the mere thought that the weekend is over, we’re fortunately a step forward. But how?
The answer is this chimerical release by this young lady here. Created by Stockholm-based producer Producer Art & sung by Regina Amado, what you’re going to hear is a R&B-piece that will end up with a likelihood of 100 per cent on your playlist of the month. But why?
Whether if you’re a fan of a succulent instrumental or an aficionado of crystal clear voices, the creation named Time Free will be definitely on that list. By saying that, we really had to accentuate the great connectivity between these two major elements.
As most of the art collusions (that’s how we call collaborations) tend to be less great than the individualistic releases, it did put a smile on our face that this premonition was wrong. And while listening to this stunner, it brought up the appetite for more.
Yet, as we have to say that we did already check the discography for more than one time, we’re really looking forward to see a new release pretty soon.
Sounds good, huh? Do yourself a favour, check the publication now. Oh & give the link to it to your sister.

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3. KION – Say My Name

Remember Say My Name? The one piece that has been played out in any radio show, at least a billion times? The oeuvre that has been reinterpreted a gargantuan amount of times in the last few years?
You do, we all do. But make a guess, it’s still a refreshing release to listen to. Make a guess again, you still get curious if you see that there is a new interpretation online.
Speaking of which, we’d like to invite you to check out this mellifluous remix by yours truly: Toronto citizen KION. The lad, who likes to experiment with a variety of sounds, got our attention with his creative flow on making art. Whether if you’re looking for decent originals, remixes or just something to get inspired by, the man might be on the list.
Focusing on inspiration, you might need to check his interpretation of the aforementioned piece. By pressing play, you’ll get in dancy mood. All you want to do is to shake your body, turn up the volume & press on repeat. Giving the original a funky make-over turned it into a creation that definitely needs to be on your iPod.
So, you probably should click on the link already, because dancing is good for your health. Go, do it now. Oh & don’t forget to show it to your mum.

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4. Mufaro – Now It’s Over

Have you heard about the artist Mufaro? Well, we did not. But we do now. Since we were looking for artists that are mostly writing music that can be genre-fied as R&B or Soul, this catchy name magically appeared.
The singer songwriter Mufaro Kabarami, aka our penultimate pick of the week, is based in Boston. And as were making our research, Soundcloud made that intention way way easier to realize.
By releasing primarily originals & covers, you could literally see the evolvement as an artist from piece to piece. We have to be blunt: it has been a pleasure.
While checking the latest publications, we finally stumbled over the last one, named Now It’s Over. The creation that truly shows the potential of her voice, which stymies your ear drums for a while, makes this feature a real enjoyment.
By saying that, we’d like to invite you to check the oeuvre out & if in case you might need more, why don’t you check out Blood Stains or Please Don’t Call?
As we believe that you can truly perceive the ideas of a musician, with more than one track, you’ll have some moments of jauntiness here. Guaranteed.

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5. Yoke – Don’t Jump

You might recognize the name Yoke after you made your way through our latest compilation for January.
The gents, who are based in Sydney, has been one of our recent discoveries. And meanwhile we were wading through the aural spheres, created by these gifted handicrafter, we also stumbled over their announcement of their current hiatus.
A hiatus never means that this will be the end of the route, more likely it gives the artists the possibility to concentrate themselves on other precious itineraries. Since we doesn’t know what or when will something happen, all we can do is to check out their extended play Jabiluka, which is out for around 2 years.
And we have to say, oh, why didn’t we discover this earlier? We kinda feel bad, but the music lets the feeling vanish in mere seconds. Checking out the content of the record brought us a big smile.
So, here were we again at the moment where we have to pick one piece that epitomizes the way of sounding. Our decision: Don’t Jump. We personally believe that the piece lets you perceive the idea that is behind the band’s concept: an indie creation, with a sublime selection of atmospheric sounds.
Sounds good? It really does. Go check it now, purchase a copy, put it on your walkman & wait for the comeback of the gents from Yoke.

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Be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on Facebook, like their pictures on Instagram, give them a follow, hug to their labels & Don’t forget to eat some vegetables. Ok bye.

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