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01/02 – 01/09 (#FF095)

#FF095: ‘Fresh Horizons’

So, Monday is on the go. We’re fresh & back in the new year. With this, We’d like to say officially say Hi! to our new member in the Solar fam: Eliza.
The London-based singer-songwriter is one of those artists whose path we’re following for a while & never lost sight of it. As we were looking for somebody, who could make a good fit to our team, we magically came in touch. With this, we’d like to present you the first (and hopefully not the last) article, made by her. Shall we start? We think, we should:

I have always been surrounded by music and words and so I decided to choose my career path around that. Currently, I’m blogging, writing songs and keeping an eye on the new emerging talents in the music industry. I’m very lucky to be based in London, the culture capital of the world, where I can explore various music genres and cultures that oftentimes reflects in my own work.

1. Joy Crookes – Sinatra

Joy Crookes, a seventeen-year-old South London based singer-songwriter might be new to the music industry but has already successfully released two of her singles in 2016 – Sinatra and New Manhattan and have been featured on The Fader, The Line of Best Fit, The 405 and Clash Music.

Joy’s latest single Sinatra is an absolute nostalgia to the nineties music and the song truly expresses singer’s creativity. Joy’s beautifully soothing vocals fit perfectly with those gently plucked guitar hooks and piano sounds in the background in a minimalistic RnB production by Michael Percy.

The young talented singer is currently working in the studio on her debut album and I can’t wait to hear more music from Joy in 2017.

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2. Marie Dahlstrøm – Home Tonight (Prod. by Aston Rudi)

The very talented, beautiful and intellectual Scandinavian soul singer-songwriter, producer Marie Dahlstrøm has recently teamed up with the producer and songwriter Aston Rudi and Chiara Hunter and released her new single Home Tonight. It’s a classic R&B and soul music influenced track for easy listening. Marie explains that the song is about making love feel new and we can hear that truly reflecting in her lyrics.

I saw you before anything else in the room
Is it true? I gotta see what you can do
It’s been some time since this even crossed my mind.
Must be tonight or maybe it’s just you…
You are the reason I won’t make it home tonight

Marie’s soft vocal tone but strongly articulated lyrics are a perfect match to this song and the little-added elements using her voice vividly colours the production throughout the whole song creating a warm, exciting atmosphere for those who are listening to Dahlstrøm’s latest creation Home Tonight.
Marie is performing in London on 27th January at the St James’ Church Islington, presented by Pink Bird Live. Make sure to reserve this date and don’t miss out to hear the Scandinavian Soul Awards winner live.

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3. Anna Of The North – Us (Acoustic Version)

Where music heals and makes you forget, that’s another world where Anna of The North, a project of the Norwegian singer-songwriter Anna Lotterud, born and raised in a small town near Oslo, and her producer Brady lives. Their recent acoustic piano version of Us is a dreamy tune and a breath of fresh air for those who love a little bit of Scandinavian alternative/pop music.

Only you can make me feel like this
Feeling on your fingertips
Explosions when our worlds collide
Something that we can’t deny
There’s something about us…

Earlier, before the release of the single Us, Anna started posting a few alluring and engaging photos on her Instagram account leading up to the day when song was released. Make sure to check it out and you will soon realise that the talented singer not only has great vocal and songwriting skills but her experience in graphic design reflects in her immaculate style inspired by Scandinavian minimalism.

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4. Kyoto Skies – Beside Me

Sounding like a dreamy love affair between the calming electronic sounds and fragile vocal lines, Beside Me is a composition by Kyoto Skies, an electronic project from Sydney, Australia, three piece band with members Isabella Kearney-Nurse (the vocalist/songwriter) Sebastian de Haas (the producer) and Casey Green (the other producer/songwriter).

Leaving space in the midst of words, this song creates the right mood to reflect, and then surprises the listener evolving into more energetic and rhythmic melodies.

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5. BURHOU – Fitna

The London-based duo BURHOU (ber-ROO) released their second single Fitna only a few months ago but the talented pair have already earned a label support from 37 Adventures in London and a significant recognition on social media thanks to their very well written, produced and performed craft in 2016.

The production of Fitna is somewhat minimalistic but incredibly well thought out. What stands out to me at first are the astonishing vocals that add a soulful feel to the song that sounds like a confession. It is simply beautiful and openly genuine with the lyrics that touches one so deep.

I’m going to
Tell a god of all my troubles
When I get home
Nothing too much and
I never tell lies except in love and war

Faith is like love
Any chance of
Any chance of …

I am impatiently waiting to hear their new EP that is going to be released this year, as per social media sources. We are surely going to hear more about BURHOU in 2k17.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

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