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12/19 – 12/26 (w/ Luminance) (#FF094)

#FF094: ‘ℓuminance’-edition

tuesday is back & so do we. with all the christmas madness comin’ to an end, most of us are already focusin’ on how they wanna celebrate the end of this year with its unpleasant moments & cheerful seconds.
as we have been in a hiatus around the last few days, we sorta did not give you folks a present, that’s what we’d like to do now.
but how? well, give it a try. still didn’t figure it out? well, that’s not that bad. we’ll help you.
this episode is our present for you. we recently came in touch with one of our most favorite artists, whose path we’re followin’ for a century.
with all the enormous releases throughout the year, we knew how we would sugar coat the final episode of the ‘Flamboyant Five’-anthology. yes, people, we’re talkin’ about full-time virtuoso ‘ℓuminance’.
by askin’ her if she would host the last chapter, we can gratefully present you the flamboyant selection chosen by her.
so, shall we start? yep, we should:

my name is Madi & i started to produce music under ‘ℓuminance’ two years ago. i live in ‘Dreamland’, Arizona. that is actually just the city of Mesa. nothing exciting lmao.

i have been involved in the Dubstep scene for around 4 years but just got involved in the Wave-scene. it all started when ‘SANCTFM’ was still around and it connected so many producers together. this is also, how i’ve met some of my good friends in this scene. i started off with Ambient/Drone, which i still do from time to time.
my main idols are




and ‘HVRXLD’.

i also run url events to support the underground music scene on ‘’ with my best friend ‘Yedgar’. 
i’ve been a big supporter of the underground since 2009. i’ve made many friends and i’m so thankful for all of them. i got the inspiration for the name ‘ℓuminance’ from one of my good friends ‘Gℓo’ that’s why i have a funny looking ‘’. 

music has helped me overcome a lot of emotional battles. the one thing i love about this art is that most of the people i talk to are extremely creative and unique in their own personal way. they are also writing with passion and powerful emotions which i love whole heartedly. what i mostly adore about the Wave scene is that everyone helps out each other in many ways not to mention 99% of the producers are extremely nice and supportive. 

i will be going on tour with ‘Brothel’, ‘Sidewalks And Skeletons’, ‘Resonata’ & ‘Essex’ – from february until march 2017.

solar edit – here are the cities, venues & dates:
Seattle, WA:Kremwerk’ (02/21)
Portland, OR: ‘The Raven’ (02/22)
Phoenix, AZ:The Trunk Space’ (02/24)
El Paso, TX:The Press Bar’ (02/27)
Austin, TX:Elysium’ (02/28)
Dallas, TX:The Nines’ (03/01)
Atlanta, GA:Smith’s Old Bar – Atlanta Room’ (03/03)
Richmond, VA:The Camel’ (03/04)
Brooklyn, NY:The Gateway’ (03/05)
Boston, MA:Wonder Bar – Downstairs’ (03/06)
Los Angeles, CA: TBA (TBA/TBA)

shall we start to listen to her selection? we think that it is already about time:


as you know, i’m super into intros and this track blows me away. i’m in love with its eerie and dark elements. the build up is INSANE.
 this track is honestly unique, ‘Pearl White’ has been around for a while now and i swear every time he puts something new out, it keeps getting better and better. always excited to see what he’s cooking up next.

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2. ESSEX – Salt The Wound

i really love this one, i honestly can’t stop listening to it. from the darkness to the emotions behind, it is pure bliss. ‘Essex’ truly is an amazing & talented producer. all of his work is just beautiful. make sure to look out for his new album coming out soon, we have a track together. xx

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please listen to his music, thank me later.

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4. △Sco△ – And So It Seems You Only Care (feat. Sensi)

one thing about me is that i’m a huge fan of ‘SCO’. i just started listening to Witchhouse and i’m already so into it. ‘SCO’ and ‘BlvckCeiling’ are my top favorites right now. i just love everything about this track, totally enjoy the vocals.

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5. HVRXLD – Mantle

HVRXLD’ is by far one of my top favorite producers around. he has been one of my strong idols for the past 2 years, such a whole hearted and sweet person, you can totally tell by listening to his beautiful tunes.

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shout out to Madi & this magnificent selection of aural spheres that you have to peruse. be sure to keep an eye on the world of ‘Luminance’, get a ticket for her shows, show some love for the passion & please, show this to your mum.
we’re out for a while, we’ll be back soon.

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le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.