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12/12 – 12/19 (#FF093)

#FF093: ‘Cyx’

alright, fam, it’s about time to let yourself be surrounded by aural spheres. as we did have a smashin’ last week, we decided to dedicate this episode to the mellowness. what you’re goin’ to hear are mellifluous beat-creations from handicrafter of our choice. salubrious bass lines, popsicle-meltin’ acapellas, flabbergastin’ arrangements, yup, that’s what you’re goin’ to expect.

besides that, as you might have seen our previous post of today, we’re officially expandin’ the team, our family. but what does that suppose to mean? well, due the fact that we’d like to keep this site a daily thing, but sometimes seems to be an impossible task to fulfil, we thought about that while re-furbishin’ the concept of our site.

the other argument for broadenin’ our squad is definitely to increase the creative flow. you know, it’s always an itinerary to realise an idea, but in fact it is a gargantuan endeavour to modify it. it’s not that we think that we should amend the arrangement completely, but you always have to be innovative if we’re talkin’ about content design.
because, honestly, who will take a look on a site that always publishes the same dull tedious composition all day long? right, no one.

speakin’ of which, let’s skip this intro & re-focus on our discoveries that have sugar-coated our monday. so, shall we? we think, we should:

1. Moments With You – It’s Hard To Do These Things Alone

it’s so hard to do these things alone, yup, it truly is. but some things can be easy as well, when you’re on the road solo. speakin’ of which, we’d like to show you this sapid creation.
pressin’ play, let’s you questionin’ yourself where you already heard the acapella before. and yes, you’ll remember that this is from a ‘Drake’-tune. but who had the dulcet thought to create this smooth flip? the answer: atlanta resident & artist ‘Cavan Brady’.
our buddy, whose path we’re followin’ for a while, has recently started a side-project, named ‘Moments With You’. its idea can be heard out while checkin’ out the tasty discography that is growin’ from day to day.
perusin’ the uploads for our pick of the week, we instantly made a stop over the aforementioned flip. whether if you were lookin’ for catchy beat or a mellow arrangement that engulfs your ear drums for a while, you might have to make a stop at Cavan’s side project.
if you didn’t, may the melodies guide you back to his site.

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2. XHVIL – Missed Call

it has been a long time, since we had the pleasure to check out a new ‘XHVIL’-piece. too long, that’s for sure.
while makin’ an aural itinerary through his uploads again, it has been the sublimity that can be recognised in every record. you can literally feel that the dutch producer puts all his heart & effort in every release, so that you can see each of them as an epitome of the artist’s soul.
we have to say that this is what we’re actually lookin’ for. creative heads, who tell you a story, their memoirs. it’s like you’re inside the tale, but there are no spoken words, just mere melodies that tell you more than thousand words.
speakin’ of which, we’d like to invite you to check out the new indie piece, named ‘Missed Call’.
bein’ uploaded for a while, it’s the whole arrangement that makes you flabbergasted. for some, it may be only a ‘dull’ melo composition for some, but if you’re takin’ some time, you’ll perceive the concept, the meaning of the piece.
a lovely creation. this will be on repeat for a while.
people, if you don’t mind, do us & mostly yourself a favour by pressin’ on ‘follow’.

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people, it’s about time that we get serious: be sure to have enough water around you, because the next piece will let you drool all the time. but why? because it has happened to us.
who did that? these two fellow producers. the jaw-droppin’ piece called ‘Lilium’ is the latest oeuvre that has been uploaded by the introvert romantic producer singer writer lover ‘FLOWERS’.
the young lad, who joined forces with zaragoza (folks, that’s a beautiful city in spain) citizen & craft-virtuoso ‘DREAM DAMA’, has created this outstandin’ beat that rivets your body for the next two minutes.
whether if we would accentuate the synth composition, the textures or the sound scape in general, the piece will be on your soundcloud playlist sooner than you thought.
but if in case you need to listen to more, because you might get crazy, be sure to press on ‘follow’ & also, which is the most important thing, peruse their discography on their site.
there are some succulent creations that are eagerly waitin’ for you to be heard.

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4. Silkq – Only

wow. just wow. it has been a joy to listen to followin’ piece. but who has sweetened our day in mere seconds? the answer: calgary-based producer ‘Silkq’.
the man who writes music for your soul, got our attention recently with this production that will be added in our most favourite releases of the year-list.
the future beat, named ‘Only’, has been uploaded on purpose. not only to make your day great after stumblin’ over the piece, but also to make the wait for the publication of the long-anticipated album (will be out in 2017) less agonzin’.
but if in case, you can’t hold yourself, do yourself a favour, click on play & let the uploads of this talented bloke do the job.
such a great piece, really dig the structures, textures & the flawless concept around the synth composition, the acapella chops & the bass line.
people, be sure to have an eye on ‘Silkq’, because it’s only a matter of time until we speak about him again.

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5. Björk – Mutual Core (DIVERSA Remix)

everyone knows her, for her avant-garde approach on music, illustration or art in general. the woman that mesmerise your body & soul in mere seconds.
yes folks, we’re talkin’ about full-time virtuoso ‘Björk’. whether if you’re in dire need for inspiration, or facin’ a lack of motivation, it’s her melodies that turn these ‘problems’ into minor details of your life.
focusin’ on the music, you might already have checked out one of her releases, the record named ‘Biophilia’. in case you didn’t, do it now. one of the pieces that was on the record, is the most heard oeuvre in our office.
yes, people, we’re talkin’ about ‘Mutal Core’. you know, it is always interestin’ to hear a reinterpretation of one of your favourite songs of all time. to hear which elements of the original has been amended or added by the handicrafter.
speakin’ of which, we’d like to invite you to check out this intriguin’ remix by an old friend, whose path we’re followin’ for a while.
we do not have to introduce this man to you, because there is not a slight chance that you never heard of ‘DIVERSA’. but if you’re one of them, do your job now by checkin’ this track out. what you’re goin’ to hear is a rendition that can be seen as a reason, why we’re still a fan of this gifted man.
whether if we would accentuate the pithy usage of the acapella chops, the catchy bass line that has been added or the sound structure in general, people, it has been a joy to listen.
by sayin’ that, be sure to get yourself a copy of this remix, because only god knows for how long that record will be up. don’t forget to click on ‘follow’, say ‘hi’ to ‘DIVERSA’ on twitter & show this piece to your mum.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.