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12/05 – 12/12 (#FF092)

#FF092: ‘Rose’

as you may know that we’re currently workin’ on concepts, it is refreshin’ to make a pause, by writin’ this article, for example. another thing would be, continuin’ to produce the pieces that we’re workin’ on, but unfortunately that takes too much time that we do not have right now.
we guess that this might be a so called ‘time-management’-problem that definitely needs to be (re)fixed. but we’re not goin’ to complain about this & that, furthermore we’d like to talk about the five records that made our monday sunnier than it already was.
so, shall we start? yes, we should:

1. VVITCH – Madeline

oh, what a long time without featurin’ a new piece of this swedish bloke here. yes, folks, we’re talkin’ about the handicrafter ‘VVITCH’. as we’re reminiscin’ about the last time that we heard a creation of this man here (if we do remember, it was his reinterpretation on the ‘Clams Casino’-piece, right?), we somehow lost the sight over his news.
it is a mess. that’s what we can say right now, after we checked the recent uploads. one of them is part of this episode. its title: ‘Madeline’.
the release, which epitomes the initiation of the ‘The Sun is Mortal’-series, that ‘VVITCH’ has recently started, shows also the facets of nowadays artists. In former times, there were artists, who mostly were writin’ a specific type of music, not that they didn’t want to experiment, but they were mostly known for doin’ one type of it.
although many of us might say that this is still on the go, we’d like to present you the sheer opposite, with this succulent oeuvre, created by this man here. whether if we would accentuate its diverse layers in texture, melo composition or the whole amalgamation of sounds, it has been a pleasure to witness the beginning of this film-score series.
by sayin’ that, we’d like to invite you to keep your eyes on this man here, because there sure will be more to listen to in the near future.

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2. AWRWSW, Saluki – Underwater (feat. INAS)

oh lord, what did we hear here. who is responsible for our next jaw-dropping moment? the answer: it’s them. who?
moscow citizen, producer ‘Saluki’, who has joined forces with anonymous handicrafter ‘AWRWSW’ (also part of the hybrid music group ‘WWWINGS’), who only exists on the internet & odessa-based singer-song writer ‘INAS’.
with this pithy selection of gifted artists, it was sure no wonder that we instantly pushed the ‘play’-button. by doin’ that, you’ll be stuck in the aural spheres that can determined partly as a dystopian, crunchy beat, partly seraphic swings comin’ from the ukranian musician, who should be on your list of ‘artists to watch over’ already.
such a succulent creation, we really hope this won’t be the last conglomeration of their perception of sound structures. by sayin’ that, we’d like to invite you to check their other releases as well, because there are gems that you definitely need to hear instantly.
don’t forget to press ‘follow’, otherwise you’ll regret that. why? you’ll find the answer after you finalised your aural itinerary on this release.

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3. SHIKARI – For You (Pt. 2)

mellifluous uploads, chimerical releases everywhere. even though it is a monday, we were intrigued by the sheer amount of rip roaring music that we had the chance to listen to. pieces for relaxin’, for sedatin’ your nerves for a stressful beginning of the week & also tunes to dance to.
stumblin’ over ‘For You (Pt. 2)’ by gothenburg resident & full-time virtuoso ‘SHIKARI’, diminishes your bad mood in mere seconds. the piece that let’s you catch a glimpse over the sheer amount of high quality releases in the next days, weeks & months, can be also seen as a special piece for the sound architect himself.
but why? well, the man behind the catchy moniker has also delivered the pithy vocals on this release. as we’re aficionados of people, who produce & sing on their own creations, we knew what we had to do: feature it instantly.
as usual, we do not have to mention the succulent synth composition that engulfs your ear & leave them with a perennial echo that makes you wanna listen to it again.
such a lovely upload. lad, we’re really lookin’ forward to check your long-anticipated release of your long play. listenin’ to this one here will make the wait worth it.
people, if you didn’t already stumbled this guy here, then now it’s about time. do your job. now.

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4. Nadiak – Where You Belong

perusin’ the internet for output that makes you drool, is not always an easy task. with the panoply of sound scopes that we’re stumbin’ over, it definitely needs some time to pick specific pieces. but, what didn’t need so much time was to check the latest release of our dear friend, indiana-based musician ‘Nadiak’.
we recently came in touch with Kaidan, to exchange some words over his latest addition to his discgraphy: the ‘What They Call Home’-record.
the upload that can be seen as an amalgamation between acoustic sounds, ambient vibes & crisp bass lines, shows also Kaidan’s perception of music, or bascially, art in general.
there is no sheer need of exaggeratin’ with elements in the song structure, when only a guitar, some fx’s & crunchy drums can do the job as well. by sayin’ that, we’d like to invite you to check out our pick of the extended play, called ‘Where You Belong’.
as we personally believe that this piece might be the impeccable illustration of the record, due the way of its sounding, we would be curious if your view about it is the same.
let us know, get a copy of this release, put this name on your list, show it to your sister.

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5. oji. 王子 – ani

what sugar-coats your day more than listenin’ to music, right? there might be nothing better, maybe if you’re expectin’ a child, maybe if you’re winnin’ the lottery on this day, maybe maybe. what may be is that there a gargantuan amount of possibilities & opportunities that can occur on this day, one of our’s was findin’ this fellow producer, almost completely anonymous, except his/her origins.
talkin’ about that, we’d like to say ‘hi’ to ‘oji. 王子’ to the solar family. the beatmaker, who likes to keep his/her identity a secret, has been one of our recent discoveries while we were on our aural endeavour.
mentionin’ the term ‘beat maker’, lets you get a first impression of the type of art that he/she is makin’: hip hop that has crosses its path with elements from electronica & ambient music.
as this made you curious, we also have added our favourite release of his/her’s, named ‘ani’. the hip hop piece that made us drool, due its solipsistic synths & pithy usage of acapellas, will also convince you to check out the other uploads as well.
as far as we got, it has been a real pleasure to wade through the sound spectrums of this promisin’ artist, who definitely has to be added on our watch list. by sayin’ that, we’d like to invite you to check out the salubrious output on ‘oji. 王子’s site as well.
if you did not, your monday won’t be perfect.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.