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10/31 – 11/07 (#FF088)

#FF088: ‘Garden of Scales’

it’s nearly mid-november & i can’t wait anymore for christmas. not that i’m listenin’ to that cursed mariah carey tune, but in fact, i’m just someone who likes this specific period of time. for real.
if in case you’re wonderin’ yourself, yes, people, the miss is doin’ this chapter of the series A-L-O-N-E 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 (sorry for the emoji-overflow).
due the fact that the college can be an annoying duty to go after, my beloved colleague didn’t manage to go after the (ut)most important obligation for today: yes, i’m talkin’ about music.
yet it does not mean that without my other half in the Solar universe, there won’t be any mesmerising moment.
furthermore, i’m here to give out some ear-candies, don’t worry. on this part, i gathered some pieces that i’m currently listenin’ to, where i’ve felt to write some thoughts on these gems as well. shall we start with the aural delight? i think, we shall:

1. Kissy – OSAKA

sasha ortiz, mostly known under her moniker ‘Kissy’, has been quite on a journey in her life. the austin-born & new york city-resident started her career as a background singer for various bands. with the years passin’ by, sasha took the next step & initiated her project that i got my eyes on.
the singer-songwriter can be seen as an artist, who likes to expand her ken on a worldwide scale. with merging different styles, elements from any trendy genre you can imagine, it has been the latest release, or better said, the pop-record smasher called ‘OSAKA’.
as my dear partner would say that this might be an uptempoish electronica-piece, i shall say that my interpretation might differ from his. focusin’ on my perception, i’d like to say that this pop-gem has been joyful to hear. whether if you’re in a bad or good mood, press play & let the power of ‘OSAKA’ surpass your body.
by the way, do us, your neighbour & yourself a favor, by pressin’ on ‘follow’. but why? because the updates of sasha will electrify you.

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2. Campbell – Don’t Move

caution: don’t move! but why? it’s all about the shivers.
those you’re goin’ to get, when you’ll hear this angelic intonation for the first & even after the twelfth time.
but who is responsible for the shivers? the answer: auckland-based singer-songwriter ‘Campbell’. unfortunately, we or better said, i never had the chance to stumble over this gifted musician before, which is a shame afterwards.
it’s her style, which can be seen as a merger or hybrid between alt-pop, ambient & electronic. that is also the reason that turned me into an aficionado. with her talent to know what she has to do, the aptitude to arrange the whole concept between any releases she put out so far, i was intrigued by the sheer potential that is behind this artist.
talkin’ about that, we’d like to invite to check the feature, but be sure to ‘Don’t Move’, because the impact on your soul might be not as tenacious as you’re on motion.
be sure to subscribe, watch out for the release of her long-anticipated extended play & eat a donut to decrease the level of excitement.

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3. Elsa – Skintight

Skintight’ is the next creation on the agenda. the pop-piece, which has been released by stockholm-based handicrafter ‘Elsa’, mostly impressed me by the amalgamation of the instrumental & the shimmering vox.
it’s this sticky combo that turned this release into one of my latest fav’s to mention. press play, let the melodies encompass your mum & sister-in-law, be sure to put it on your playlist on the go.
as this might be a glimpse of what we can expect to hear in the near future, i’d like to invite you as well to check out this solipsistic creation & its progenitor. now.
since i can feel that you definitely not goin’ to regret that, show that piece to the nearest person around you as well.
don’t forget to follow her path, check out the acoustic version of this salubrious release & get some cookies afterwards.

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4.SOMA – White Noise

as i was gatherin’ pieces to write some thoughts on them, i knew that i definitely should add this girl on the list: yes, we’re talkin’ about stockholm-based singer-songwriter ‘Soma’.
the artist, who magically appeared on the soundcloud universe just some weeks ago, got my attention due her knack to get your full attention in just some seconds.
a trenchant voice, fused with a sticky beat to design such a powerful record that you’ll feel dizzy. in a positive way. it’s the awe-inspiring potential behind this promising career that will be outstandin’, i can feel that.
if these words might not convince you, then why don’t you press play & let the music do the rest? since we’re (if both of us have the possibility to congregate) persuaded by the concept that melodies tell you more than words ever could, i believe that this applies here too.
oh & people, don’t forget to click on ‘follow’, because there will be more to hear in the new future & you shall not miss that.

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5. Mark Elliott – China Doll

the last piece is for the feels. press play, let the synth composition engulf your ear drums, be sure to untie your body after the an hundred-thirty seven seconds of mesmerism.
but who is the person behind this enchantment? may i introduce to you ‘Mark Elliott’?
the man with a charming voice that sugar-coats your day, has been one of my recent discoveries that has been in stuck in my mind for a while. the briton with the gift to create popsicle melting oeuvres, has recently released his latest record, called ‘China Doll’.
the extended play that can be seen as an epitome of the aptitude to rivet your body & soul, is something that you need for a walk. it’s the panacea to soothe your spirit while preparin’ yourself for the hard interview that you’re goin’ to have. plus, it’s the analgesic for moments where you’re in dire need for a panoply of positivity.
yet, as this might be not the only piece that we actually have to talk about, i’d like to say that checkin’ out the discography of this musician might be on the best decisions you can do for today.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.