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10/03 – 10/10 (#FF085)

#FF085: ‘Gemini Feed’

winter days are comin’. those moments where you stand up after your third power nap on the day & you remark that it is around 5:30 on the afternoon & sky is turnin’ into an epitome of a pile of light, or as we tend to name them, stars.
the stars that are up in the sky can be so impressive sometimes, whether if you were lookin’ for a moment of sedation, or workin’ on a concept yet you fail to progress, due the lack of creativity that engulfs your mental den.
yet, there are other moments as well where you just stare at them & think about whatever you can imagine. so mellow, so charming that it really sometimes does help when you’re goin’ through your daily routine.
talkin’ about mellowness, we decided to add some soothe creations that we gathered together around the last few hours, days & weeks. oeuvres from friends, artists that we stumbled over recently & deft recommendations we have received.
so, let’s embrace the moment of the cold days & sugar-coat your’s with these 5 tracks:

1. Oliver Jensen – Ananta

it has been a while since we have included neo-classic pieces. better said, an eternity, which is a shame. as we decided to dedicate this week to the mellowness, we’d like to introduce you to our first track on the list called ‘Ananta’.
we recently came in touch with its creator, berlin-based artist ‘Oliver Jensen’. as we have exchanged some words, Oliver did introduce us his latest release, the ‘an attempt’-extended play. the record that can be seen as a merger between neo-classic & ambient music, had to be on the list.
the melo composition that melts everything away & the knack to fuse the instrumental with ambient vibes brought up some moments of sootiness at the office. the producer who knows what he has to do the write these lush atmospheric creations, deserved a big ‘THANK YOU’ for sharin’ us his pieces.
as we’re lookin’ forward to hear more in the near future, why don’t you do the same by pressin’ on ‘follow’ & be in touch?

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2. ALMA – The Great Escape (Noémi Bolojan Remix)

it has been no wonder that we would include the followin’ artist on a list again. not only that we had the pleasure to do a face2face-interview with her, but also her knack to rivet your soul by a sheer amount of chords on a piano. yes folks, we’re talkin’ about vienna-based full-time virtuoso ‘Noémi Bolojan’.
as we had our talk-fest about little cafés, workin’ under pressure & the cat ‘Blue’, we had the pleasure to talk about music as well. one of the pieces, where we did not have the chance to write some words over, has been her re-interpretation from the ‘Great Escape’, a record by london-based duo ‘ALMA’.
her remix that can be seen as impeccable epitome of her creativity & versatility, is something that you’re goin’ to listen to when you want a minute of harmony. as we promised to keep you in touch with updates, we recently stumbled over the announcement that this piece has been picked as a part of their latest remix-compilation called ‘reworkings and remixes’.
where you can hear it? just click here.

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3. Amby – Swallow

dedicated to one of the major issues that our society is currently sufferin’ from, we’d like you to introduce you to beaufort-based artist ‘Amby’ & her aural take on depression.
the piece that can be seen as an aural apotheosis of this specific malady got our eye due its whole arrangement & the meaning behind the creation.
as we dig that artists still write pieces with a substantial memorandum, we knew that this alt-pop-r&b-hybrid needed to be mentioned on this article here. whether if we’re talkin’ about the beat, the message behind it or the notion that depression & anxiety is still not accepted by many people as a real thing, we’d like to invite you press play, let the melodies be around you & be aware of it.
thank you ‘Amby’ for this piece here, we really appreciate its creation & meaning behind it.

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4. Tali Sing – Hiding

penultimate song of today is by this talented bloke here that got our attention due his aptitude to create sticky music with a personal touch on it. personal, due the fact that every release that we heard on his discography has a meaning behind its existence. as we love to hear music with a message behind it, we knew that melbourne-based ‘Tali Sing’ is one name to remember.
the lad who magically appeared on the soundcloud universe around two years ago, got our hearts with his creation called ‘Hiding’. the piece, which can be seen something between electronica & alt-pop, is goin’ through your body & stick in your ear drums for a while. not only that the bloke has a captivatin’ voice, but also his gift to arrange the record, so that everything fits with everything.
after you have checked out this piece here, be assured to check out his latest, called ‘Over’, as well. such a mellifluous piece.

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5. Vinten – Until You Fall In Love Again

the last song has to be played so often until you fall in love again. whether if we’re talkin’ about lovin’ somebody or yourself, this creation by melbourne-based artist ‘Vinten’ brings up emotions that has been suppressed for a while. emotions that be sometimes bedazzlin’, sometimes mesmerizin’, yes folks, we’re talkin’ about the emotions & notions behind love.
talkin’ about love, we’d like to invite you to check out our feature, named ‘Until You Fall In Love Again’. the track that has been part of his ‘What has been’-extended play, accentuates the moments before you fall in love & let you reminisce about them. this is what we’d like to call melodies to inhale & exhale.
but why? because you inhale the meaning & exhale it after the track is finished. this is the moment, where you press play again to reminisce these precious moments.
if that is something that you have been lookin’ for right now, then do yourself a favour & click on the provided link.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
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