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09/12 – 09/19 (#FF083)

#FF083: ‘Valley Of Energy’

monday afternoon is on the go. armed with a panoply of coffee, we sat our arses on the office chair & did what we have to do: write this intro.
as the time is usually passin’ by doin’ that, we thought that we should listen to some proper music to make the process less awful. by pressin’ play, we were stuck in the world of synths, voices & sounds. some of them are actually on this article, other’s on a favourite list on another social media-network that starts with a ‘F’.
yet, as we tend to release our playlists, interviews, compilations, poems, or better said, our perception on music on one site, which is this case, our’s, we’d like to invite you to check out our latest releases, such as this one here.
article number eighty-three on the ‘Flamboyant Five’-series is not only yet another piece to check, it’s also the energy, which is on it. it’s the flow that will rivet you to do whatever it wants. so shall we start to tell our little stories? we think, we should:

1.Sarah Tenna – Another One (prod. by Caeli)

oh, we got yet another one from copenhagen. another one that accentuates the crisp combination between the girl, who likes long walks on the beach preferably with wine & the anonymous beatmaker, who definitely is aware about what exactly he has to do to let your heart melt.
yes, folks, we’re talkin’ about the lovely ‘Sarah Tenna’, who has teamed up with producer & connaisseur ‘Caeli’ & their latest work, called ‘Another One’. it’s the piece that can be seen as a ‘gesamtkunstwerk’, whether if we’re talkin’ about lyricism, music or the vivid representation of art in general.
the song that has been just put out for a couple of hours got our hearts in a couple of seconds. not only that we actually have to confess that we’re bit in love with Sarah’s voice, but also the instrumental that has been made by this beatmaker on the rise, made this decision to feature this piece here so so easy.
and to talk about features, why don’t you add this oeuvre here on your next playlist on the go? whether if you like to do a long walk on the beach preferably with wine or cook some spaghetti & listenin’ in the meanwhile, it’s up to you.

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2. Føckx – In The Woods

always a pleasure to hear music from russia. not only that the russians do have a knack for creatin’ colourful melodies, but also the ability to fuse those with a crunchy bass line that will provoke some parts of your body to dance.
so, to speak about beatmakers, we’d like to invite to take a look on moscow-based artist ‘Føckx’ & his beauty of a beat, called ‘In The Woods’. bein’ released around a month ago, the beat that portrays the initiation of the ‘Føckx’-project on the soundcloud-universe, got our attention, due to the aforementioned melo composition that will be the crucial point, whether you’d like press ‘follow’ or to wait for the next feature on our site.
as we like to give you some proper news about the latest releases, it’s up to you. yet, to think in a supportive manner, it would be even greater if you would do it now, because there will be more to hear in the near future, that is what we can feel & hear.

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3. Yumé – One Way Love

there is one way of love, one way: the frank version, or better said for our french aficionados, la version sincère. talkin’ about love, we’d like to invite you to check out track number three from paris-based singer-songwriter-composer-arranger, ok enough with the enumeration, let’s say the paris-based full-time virtuoso with the seraphic voice: ‘Yumé’.
accidentally (& glad that it has occurred afterwards) stumblin’ over this talented girl from the city of love, we knew from the beginnin’ that ‘One Way Love’ has to be part of this playlist here. as we already have mentioned that the angelic voice is goin’ to let you drool over your place, we’d like to invite you that you might have some tissues around your place.
magically appearin’ on the world of soundcloud around some months ago, you can be sure that there is more to come, if in case you might be a bit impatient, why don’t you press play & listenin’ to her discography? we think that this would decrease the level of impatience around 75 per cent.

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4. Ac-tone – I Am A Bird

I Am A Bird’, it’s definitely a title with a message. but what kind of? by pressin’ play, you might get a hint. as we love to feature artists on our site who like to express themselves, whether if we’re talkin’ about a vapid synth composition or a complex & twisted bass line that will wade its way through your body, we knew that we had to add this guy here on this article.
comin’ from montpellier, france, we got our eyes on Félix & his perception of music. as he tends to be an explorer of aural spheres, where he mixes up elements from any electronic genre that you can imagine, you might perceive the meaning behind this sticky portmanteau: the ‘ac’ might stand for ‘accentuation’, which is in fact the french term for accentuation, the ‘tone’ stands for tone, which is (as you might figure out for yourself) the french meaning for sound.
of course, it can also have another meaning that only Félix might know. so, do us a favour, click on the provided link & let the melody of ‘I Am A Bird’ be a part of your afternoon.

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5. Oftrt – You

last song of today is for you & you. the release, that has been created by singapurean beatmaker ‘Oftrt’, got our attention especially due to his knack to create a synthesis of synths & combine them to melt the rest of your ear-drums away.
whether if we’re talkin’ about the aforementioned synth composition or the crispy-raunchy bass line that is followin’ the catchy melody, the man from Singapur did know what he had to do.
and yes indeed, we can still say after the fifth consecutive time, that this one is real stunner & needed to be downloaded by yourself as soon as you press play. as we tend to give you an example of the way of sounding, we’d like to invite you to make a stop over his site. there might something that is waitin’ for you.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.