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08/22 – 08/29 (#FF081)

#FF081: ‘Pithy Procrastination’

no intros for today. or maybe a terse one? nah, let’s focus already on our picks of the week. part eighty-one of the ‘Flamboyant Five’-anthology, called ‘Pithy Procrastination’, we’d like to say ‘hi’:

1. Honestly – Tbh

first come, first serve goes to glasgow-based record label & collective ‘DTHCMP’. as we got our eye on this young label from one of our favourite spots on the world, glasgow, we were intrigued by the sheer mellow output that has been released over the last few weeks & months.
one of them: the ‘God Bless’-extended play by the anonymous producer ‘Honestly’. by mixin’ up experimental electronica with hip hop & ambient sounds, we were mesmerized & riveted by every track that has been part of the chimerical extended play. so it has been quite a task to fulfill, to pick out one specific tune & add it to the article. yet after a few listenings, our decision has been finally made. the choice: the piece called ‘Tbh’.
but why? we personally think that this tune completely represents the sounds that this aspirin’ musician wants to create: a mellow beat with a soothe melo composition that sticks in your ear drums & won’t fade out for a while. fellow people, aficionados, fans of music, we’d like to invite you to check out this artist & the collective that is behind this lad.
we can guarantee you that what you’re goin’ to hear is goin’ to be an aural analgesic. if these words did not convince you, then click on the provided link & let the music fulfill our task.

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2. Great Skies – Feels Good (Feat. YESEO)

it felt great to listen to ‘Feels Good’. the tune that has been the result of the succinct collaboration between london-based electronic music producer ‘Great Skies’ & seoul-based artist ‘YESEO’, has been just recently checked out by us. since we’re eagerly waitin’ for ‘Great Skies’ newest oeuvre, which will be the ‘3 Months’-extended play, the musician from one of the most creative spots in the world decided to make the wait less painful.
but how? by showin’ this piece here & with it, his way of soundin’ in the near future. by combinin’ the instrumental, where we’d like to accentuate the mellifluous melo composition & the crisp bass line, with the seraphic voice of ‘YESEO’ , this piece gained our hearts. as we were sayin’: it felt good to listen to this.
be assured to keep an eye on these two artists & if not, we will & we will let you know. not totally convincin’? ok, click on the provided link & let ‘YESEO’s voice sugar-coat your day.

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3. Last Island – Stranger Things Goes Here

oh, it has been a long time that we have added a tune from our friend from portree. yes, folks, we’re talkin’ about the producer, who likes to expand his horizons, by experimentin’ with different sound clusters, to create a melodical panacea, such as our feature: ‘Stranger Things Goes Here’.
Last Island’ did something yet again that made us flabbergasted. whether if we’re accentuatin’ his evolvement on sound design or the mere fact that Daniel knows how versatility should sound like.
to focus more on the sound design, we’d like to introduce you to our aforementioned feature, that could be seen as an aural draft that he wanted to share with the audience. by experimentin’ around, he created his own interpretations of ‘deadmau5’-releases.
not that he tried to make a remix of one of his tunes, no, more likely it’s like an (in our view) successful attempt to fuse his sounds with Joel’s. and yes, dear ladies & gentlemen, we have to say that it truly was a pleasure to check each of the pieces.
yet, you better have to hurry, since these releases are just mere projects & not really official ones, which you can re-read as a statement on his soundcloud. be assured to press on ‘follow’ if you haven’t already, for your & your neighbour’s sake.

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4. Cape Deano – Lets Go

Lets Go’ is the penultimate track on our list. created by canadian producer & full-time virtuoso ‘Cape Deano’, this piece is mental. but why? whether if we’re talkin’ about an aural draft of hip hop beats or the rip-roaring merger between the instrumental & the acapella-samples, the person behind this artist name knows what he has to do to please the audience.
as Deano wants to share some love with his fellow fans on twitter & soundcloud, most of the pieces are available for free. so do us & mostly yourself a favour, get yourself a copy of this salubrious release.
be assured to click on ‘follow’, send the link of the profile to your uncle & tell him that he should play that to your auntie.
after that, come here back again & check out the rest of the releases. why? hell, should we always give a proper explanation? no, the music does that. do it. now.

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5. Zelus – Ritual^Manny

last song of today is this piece here by shawnee-based producer ‘Zelus’. the bloke, who has a knack for producin’ sublime hip hop creations, such as our feature named ‘Ritual^Manny’, got our attention while we were perusin’ internet for gems.
with a gargantuan amount of releases on his soundcloud-account, you can literally hear the progress he made for the last year. last year? yes, due the fact that this artist magically appeared on the soundcloud-universe around twelve months ago.
since we’re deep aficionados of musical evolvement, you should take some time & let the instrumentals with pithy messages engulf your ear drums. and guess what? there is more to come in the near future.
but how are you goin’ to be aware of that? one option could be that you keep an eye on our future articles, whether if we’re goin’ to add it on a specific playlist or compilation. the other: click on the provided link, press on ‘follow’, so that you won’t miss any major updates towards singles, extended or long plays.
cheers to the lad behind this catchy moniker, we’re stoked for the future & definitely goin’ to come by on your site for the succulent content.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

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