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08/08 – 08/15 (#FF079)

#FF079: Aural Fountain

monday has arrived & so do we. as most of us in europe are havin’ an extended weekend, due to the christian holiday, we decided to keep this aural den still open.
not only that we’d like to be punctual with our schedules, but also the fact that we love to sugar-coat your & your day, made this decision much more simple than it actually was.
so, to talk about music, we’d like to introduce you to this ‘aural fountain’, that we have build up over the last few hours & days. all you have to do is to press play & let the melodies surround you & your eardrums.
talked enough? we guessed so. article, number seventy-nine, it’s about time to say ‘hi’:

1.GRXGVR – Glitter

Glitter’ is the first tune that we’re goin’ to talk about. this one here has been produced by one of our most favorite artists around the last few days & weeks, swedish musician ‘GRXGVR’.
as we were pursuitin’ for gems for this playlist here, we had an assumption, where we should start. since Simon has started to release music under this moniker over three years, a lot has happened since then. not only that inspired musicians tend to improve, whether if we’re talkin’ about song structure or the ability to create sedative melodies, but also the fact that you start to evolve a solipsistic way of sounding, it still bedazzles us to see an example of what we were referrin’.
as today’s music tends to be similar, it sure is refreshin’ to hear the exceptions, put them on a list together & show our audience the still existin’ variety of it.
bein’ available for a small sum of ‘$$$’, you get yourself a copy of this rip-roaring piece here. all you have to do, is to follow the instructions & what makes an independent artist more happy than to be supported by you & you?

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2.Arfus – Soft Knife

track two is a stunner. created by florida-based artist ‘Arfus’, what you’re goin’ to hear is a pithy piece of ars electronica.
whether if we’re goin’ to talk about the unique song structure, or if we would accentuate a specific part of the creation, such as the crisp bass line or the mesmerizin’ melody, ‘Arfus’ might be the guy to watch over for the next few weeks, months, or better said, years.
since we’re here to support astonishin’ young musicians from all over the globe, who have an idea, an aural concept to express themselves musically & personally, we knew already at the first moment, that ‘Soft Knife’ needed to be on this playlist here.
click on the provided link, press play, exhale & inhale every second of it, grab a copy of it, put it on your walkman & go for a walk. it will be precious, that’s what we can say.

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3.VVITCH – Beautiful Disaster (feat. Mr. Mist)

it has been a long time, since we have featured an aural creation by swedish producer ‘VVITCH’. too long, that’s for sure.
since we’d like to keep you updated about the evolvements of artists, that we have featured on our site over the past few weeks, months & years, it has been a pleasure to add this catchy moniker to our article.
this time, our friend has teamed up with belgian full-time virtuoso ‘Mr. Mist’, to create an amalgamation of sounds, a so-called ‘Beautiful Disaster’. beautiful, due to its succulent synth composition & a disaster, not because it sounds awful, hell no, it could be that a few of us might see this solipsistic creation not as good as we did.
all right, people, do us, do yourself a favor, click on the provided link & check this piece here out. since we can only tell our stories that we had while we were listenin’ to tunes from all over the world for this article, yet it didn’t convince you, it is abut time that the music shall do the rest of the task.

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4.MYSTXRIVL – Dreamin

Dreamin’ is the next piece we’re goin’ to talk about. created by ‘MYSTXRIVL’, a beatmaker that has pleased us in the last few days with his ability of variety & diversity, it has been an obligation to finally do a feature.
whether if we’re talkin’ about mellifluous originals or crisp reinterpretations, such as his ‘Blast’-refix, a track that has been originally produced by new jersey-based artist ‘Clams Casino’, the thought of findin’ this talented stud makes us smile even more.
to talk more about our pick on this playlist, ‘Dreamin’, we’d like to accentuate the dystopian-way of sounding. dystopian, due to its eery-yet-catchy melo composition fused with dark templates, so that you might start to shiver coevally due to its dank-yet-sedative way of sounding.
and guess what, the tune is available for free. all you have to do is to click on our provided link & after some few seconds, a copy of this beauty shall be your’s. don’t forget to keep with him in touch, either via social media or telekinesis, because there is more to come.

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5. No Help – Never Say

last song of today is ‘Never Say’, by anonymous producer ‘No Help’. as we were perusin’ for solipsistic content in the wide world of the soundcloud website, we stumbled over this persona with the ignotus origin. since we’re here to show you a panoply of sounds, it has been a ‘must’ to feature this artist.
but why? well, one reason might be the knack to create colourful melodies, another one, the ability to combine the aforementioned synth composition with the right choice of drums, snares & kicks.
since this musician started to release under this moniker around a year ago, you shouldn’t wonder yourself, when we’re goin’ to let you know, if there is something new standing in the oven.
as pleased as we are right now about the bright future of this talent here, we’d like to invite you to click on the provided link, so that the euphoria also catches you.
don’t forget to press ‘follow’ to keep yourself updated, but if you somehow forgot to do that, thanks to the aforementioned enthusiasm, no worries, we’ll let you know about anything that will happen.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
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