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07/04 – 07/11 (#FF075)

#FF075: ‘Chimerical Reality’

it’s monday on the late afternoon & we’d like to welcome you back with a new episode of the ‘Flamboyant Five’-series. as this anthology is our first & oldest, it’s always a pleasure to present you a list of five sublime creations that we stumbled over the last few days.
as we’d like to keep the intro terse, due to keep the perennial level of serendipity high, we shall skip this one here & re-focus on the main thing: the music.
article number seventy-five, it’s a pleasure to say ‘hi’:

1. Aizakku – Aizakku

first track of today is by one of our beloved friends, auckland-based ‘Aizakku’. we recently came in touch with the young beatmaker to talk about one of his latest creations: the hybrid-tune, called ‘Aizakku’.
hybrid, experimental, merger, use whatever term you’d like the most, because this one here can not be genre-fied with one single genre, due to the nimble usage of key elements from genres, such as hip hop, electronica & ambient music. so, while the artists from the future tend to create these aural amalgamations, it’s always interestin’ to hear the results of their hard efforts.
by pressin’ play, you’ll submerge into the ‘Aizakku’-realm, with colorful synths & crisp drums. as the kiwi-beatmaker tend to grow from day to day, we’d like to invite you to check this dude out. not only that this may be only the beginnin’ but also due the fact that there might be some gems that might need to be listened by you & your dad.

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2. Fellony – Two Shift

as we mostly like to feature any type of music that you can imagine, we fortunately stumbled over this gifted musician here: swindon-based producer ‘Fellony’. startin’ to release tunes over soundcloud for a while, we were intrigued by the knack of this bloke: to experiment with synths, acapella chops & of course, solipsistic bass lines.
as the united kingdom tend to be the monolith of upcomin’ genres, we really love to hear the upcoming amalgamations, such as our feature on this list: the bass music hybrid ‘Two Shift’.
but why? because we personally believe that music does not have any barriers. the things you create might be uncanny & fallacious for some, but rip-roarin’ & salient for others. yet, as we’d like to present the versatility of music, that still does exist, we’d like to invite to check out this talented lad.
be sure to press ‘follow’ to be updated about any movement. don’t forget to check out the other releases as well.

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3. Okla – Sweet & Low

Sweet & Low’ is the track number three on our list of the week. created by paris-based producer ‘Okla’, what you’re goin’ to hear is a winsome electronic tune that will intertwine your whole attention for a while.
not only that the sticky melo composition will be in your eardrums for a while, but also the cathartic bass line that surely has taken a while to finally sound like it did – those are the key elements to be mentioned here. as the french usually know what they have to do to create outstandin’ pieces, whether if we’re talkin’ about music & art in general, ‘Okla’ sure gained a place in our roster & of course, in our hearts.
as this aspiring musician won’t stop composin’ these unique pieces, we’d like to invite you to click on the link & let the melodies engulf you. don’t forget to play the tunes on some proper headphones, because it’s all about the quality that you have to fully acknowledge.

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4. Rowken – Times gone by

next tune is from tokyo-based ‘Rowken’. based from the city of technology, what you’re goin’ to hear is an artist, that is evolvin’ from release to release. not only that the pieces are already that solid to be mentioned here, no, in fact they will convince you so much that you’ll definitely press the ‘follow’-button.
but why? because the things this girl creates or better said, will create, are so inducin’ that you’ll automatically do what your heart or your ear will tell you. beautiful melodies combined with a crisp bass line, that is what we can foretell, the rest is up to you. let’s say it would be an iniquity if you haven’t checked out our feature from her site, the hip hop instrumental ‘Times gone by’.
as we’d like to support aspiring people from all over the world, do us a favor & do that too. because there will be more to hear in the near future.

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5. GRRL – Workouts

last song of today is ‘Workouts’, a release by durham-based producer ‘GRRL’. as we were perusin’ the internet for flabbergastin’ content, we stumbled over this talented bloke from north carolina, who sure has the knack to animate your body by creatin’ beats with flow. by experimentin’ with elements from any genre you can imagine, this artist creates solipsistic pieces that sure has to be on your playlist.
so, while checkin’ out the sublime discography of him, we decided to pick the aforementioned tune. but why? as we mostly like to present you the true potential behind all the featured artists, ‘Workouts’ shows you (if only) a glimpse of what you can expect to hear in the near future: experimental club music, with a sticky rhythm that will mesmerize your body for a while. if these words still didn’t convince you, why don’t you click on the provided link & let the music do that task?
we’re pretty sure that you’ll definitely like the uncanny versatility on his soundcloud-site.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

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