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06/20 – 06/27 (#FF073)

‘The Colour In Anything’

monday has arrived & we’re happy to be back on the road. while we did like to experiment with different sounds of the world the last week, we decided that we should keep on doin’ that for this one too. so, let’s skip that intro & start with the presentation of article, number seventy-three:

1.Liam J Hennessy – Søen

first song of today is the mellifluous release by london-based composer ‘Liam J Hennessy’. we recently stumbled over this musician, where we have found a decent amount of tunes.
one of them has made it on our list of the week: the atmospheric piece named ‘Søen’. as we’d like to show you & you musicians with an element that defines & makes them unique, this composer here might be one of them. not only that Liam likes to create solipsistic atmospheric pieces, it’s also the mesmerizin’ sound scape that makes you want to listen more. and yes indeed, there is more to come in the near future.
if you can’t wait until then, then why don’t you check out the other releases too? with a decent amount of gems, we’re pretty sure that you’ll like it.

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2. Chanel Devï – Consumed (prod. by FROMLONDONWITHLOVE)

Consumed’ is the next track we’re goin’ to talk about. bein’ created as a collaboration between london-based producer ‘FROMLONDONWITHLOVE’ & artist ‘Chanel Devï’, what you’re goin’ to hear is a decent instrumental with pithy vocals & a message behind it.
as we’d like to listen to more music that has been created for a special purpose, this one here gained our heart by its concept behind it: a piece for people that are strugglin’ in life & give them a boost to handle the situation. we have to say that we love the idea that is behind this release, not only that has a special meaning but also due its succinct way of sounding.
as we’d like to follow the artist’s evolvement, it sure was a pleasure to check out this piece here. do us a favor & click on the provided link to check this tune out. not only as a sign of interest, but also as a sign of gratitude.
be sure to press ‘follow’ on ‘Chanel’s’ & ‘FROMLONDONWITHLOVE’s’ soundcloud account, because there is more to hear in the near future.

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3. Any Colour You Like – Poly Iso

while perusin’ the internet for releases, we let soundcloud do its magical thing, by pressin’ play on their ‘Discover’-section. with that, we had the chance to listen to creations from places from all over the world.
one of these has been ‘Poly Iso’, a tune that has been released by galway-based composer & producer ‘Any Colour You Like’. thanks to that succulent function, we had the pleasure to check out Jason & his pithy releases from the last weeks & months. one of them has been the aforementioned ‘Poly Iso’-tune, that has been released as a part of his ‘Selenite’-long play over his own netlabel, ‘Eyesix Records’.
so, what can you expect to hear? lush atmospheric music that mesmerizes your body so that it somehow feels rivetin’ already. you can’t move yourself, because your mind & soul tells you to listen to this aural analgesic. after you’re done, you’re probably goin’ to press play again.
be sure, to get yourself a copy of this one here by buyin’ the ‘Selenite’-long play. not only that you’re goin’ to be relaxed for a good period, but also checkin’ out ‘Poly Iso’ makes you want to listen to more.

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4.City Of Dawn – A Hidden Life Between Us

A Hidden Life Between Us’ is the next piece on our list. created by the astral wonderland on the soundcloud-universe, named ‘City Of Dawn’, we were intrigued by the soothe sound scapes which we stumbled over.
whether if you’re a fan of eery-yet-catchy melo compositions or mesmerizin’ vocals, ‘City Of Dawn’ might be the right place to be. while checkin’ out tune by tune, the piece ‘A Hidden Life Between Us’ let made us stop. not because we want to, but due its succinct sound design & the atmospheric composition that is goin’ to engulf you by pressin’ play, we had to listen to this one here completely.
because every song on the discography tells a specific story, we’d like to invite you to check this mellifluous project & press ‘follow’ to be in touch with future updates.

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5. Kind – Kno What Im Sayin

last track of the day is from our beloved friend, cali-based beatmaker & passionist ‘Kind’. this time, we came in touch to exchange some words about his newest release, the ‘(laptopstolen)’-mixtape.
the long play that can be genre-fied as something between lush hip hop & raucous trap beats, fused together to create a vibe, which is the only one of its ‘Kind’. so, to pick one specific tune out of this sublime release was a tough job to fulfill. yet, as we’d like to accept challenges of any type, we just re-heard the total piece & made a stop over ‘Kno What Im Sayin’.
but why that? well, this one here might be the impeccable example of the potential of the beatmaker & of course, a slight glimpse what you’re goin’ to hear in the near future. if you’re as enthusiastic as are right now, but can’t wait for the future releases, why don’t you check out this piece here? get yourself a copy, drop it on your playlist & let the melodies do the rest.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

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