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06/13 – 06/20 (#FF072)

#FF072: ‘Aural Symbiosis’

monday has arrived & we’re happy to be back. while we’d like to present you the panoply of sounds, the versatility & diversity of music, we decided to create this week a list with ambient pieces, which we have stumbled over the last few days. ambient, classic, electronic, all these genres can be heard, in pretty diverse combinations.
what you’re goin’ to hear are creations from beloved friends, musicians & full-time virtuosos. so shall we skip this terse intro? we think we should, article number seventy-two, say ‘hi’:

1. Christine Ott – Tropismes

first artist on the spot is strasbourg-based musician ‘Christine Ott’. we stumbled over her just around some weeks ago. what we have found was a site with such a versatility that made us curious to go through the released panoply of creations.
diverse, due to her tendency to experiment with sounds from any genre you can slightly imagine. versatile, due to her knack to create solipsistic pieces that needed to be your iPod. and as we were checkin’ out release by release, we made a stop on ‘Tropismes’. whether if you’re a fan of succulent sound scapes or in love with melo compositions, this piece might be the right thing to listen to. by pressin’ play, you’ll probably be bogged down for the next couple of minutes, due to its succinct way of sounding, created by this gifted french artist.
after you have finished to listen to this one here for the fifth consecutive time, be sure to click on ‘follow’, because there is more to come & you really won’t miss the chance for that.

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2. Ludovico Einaudi – Night (Noemi Bolojan Remix)

it always amazes (or better said, utmost of) us, when we’re listenin’ to artists, that are based from our home cities, in this case: vienna. as austria’s capital tend to be also the center of unfathomable good talents, we’re happy that we stumbled over this gifted girl & her reinterpretation of one piece (in this case: ‘Night’) from one of the most known neo-classical composers: the italian maestro ‘Ludovico Einaudi’.
as reinterpretations or remixes tend to ruin the original itself, by e.g. elements that do not fit well with the stems of the original, we’re really happy that this does not apply here. bein’ reinterpreted by the viennese singer, song-writer, composer & full-time virtuoso ‘Noemi Bolojan’, what you’re goin’ to hear is the perfect merger between neo-classic & electronic music. from the start till its end, you’re goin’ to be encircled by the mellifluous melo composition that will stuck in your ears for the next twenty-four hours. a beautiful piece that obliged us to put it on the list.
if these words do not convince you, then just click on the link & let the music do the rest. as we tend to say that we always want to hear more, be sure to check out the other sublime releases on her site too.

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3. Lucho Ripley – Victoria, De Los Valles Y Volcanes

next artist on the list is candás-based artist ‘Lucho Ripley’. if you never have heard about candás, that’s a municipality in the north of spain, nearby the cities of gijón & oviedo. to re-focus on the artist: we have to say that we never heard about Lucho & his succinct pieces, which is after we checked him out, a vergüenza (that’s the spanish term for ‘shame’).
but why? if you’re checkin’ him out, you’re goin’ to hear his pithy interpretation of ambient music. whether by combinin’ distorted rhythms with mellifluous melodies or the colorful atmosphere that is created by that, Lucho gained a spot on our list of the week.
yet, the only hard decision was, which tune we should put here. after a couple of minutes, we decided to add ‘Victoria, De Los Valles Y Volcanes’ to the list. but why? because the creation impeccably represents Lucho’s perception of music & how it should sound like.
be sure to fully listen to this piece, because its total aural spectrum can be perceived when you’re givin’ yourself some time.

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4. Films – Mikoto Uta

while perusin’ the soundcloud-universe for mesmerizin’ pieces of pulchritude, we stumbled over by this one here. created & released under the current side project ‘Mizu Amane’, the ‘dark fantasy music unit’, which is mostly known under the moniker ‘Films’, put out an amalgamation of classic with electronic music, fused together to create an eery-yet-cozy atmosphere around you.
by pressin’ play, you’re goin’ to be part of a fantasy-realm, with seraphic voices & distorted rhythms. your body is goin’ to shimmer, your soul will soothe itself & your mind will be enchanted. we have to say, we love this sublime combination. whether if we’re talkin’ about the aforementioned classic elements or the merger between the instrumental & vocals, ‘Films’ really needs to be on your list of favorite musicians.
with more tunes to come around the next months, be sure to press ‘follow’, so that you can keep up with succulent updates in the future. and if you have some free time, why don’t you check out the other releases? there are some gems that are waitin’ to be heard.

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5. Theo Alexander – Disappearing Altogether

last track of the day is by no one else than one of favorite artists around the last months: london-based ‘Theo Alexander’.
we recently came in touch with this gifted musician, to talk about his latest release: the classic piece called ‘Disappearing Altogther’. bein’ part of his anticipated long play called ‘Irresolution’, what you’re goin’ to hear is a popsicle-melting piece of music. whether if you’re a fan of classic or an aficionado of pianos, Theo sure has the knack to create something that will coevally touch your soul & rivet your body for some minutes. as we’d like to listen to solipsistic creations, ‘Disappearing Altogether’ needed to be mentioned here.
so, do us a favor, click on the link & the magic engulf you. even though, you might not be a fan of neo-classic music, this piece here might change your thoughts.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

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