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06/06 – 06/13 (#FF071)

#FF071: ‘Ferocious Flow’

it’s around midday on a cloudy monday. while utmost of you tend to fight with the aftermath of a long weekend, we or better said, utmost of us are here again to sedate the pain, we’d like to present some aural analgesics that we have discovered on the last few days.
soothing atmospheric music that either has to be played out loud on your speakers, your dad’s stereo system or in an emergency situation, the music player of the car of your neighbor’s granny.
so, let’s keep this intro short here & start with the treatment. article number seventy-one, it’s about time:

1. Coyer Koya – Radio Queen

we’d like to start with one of our recent discoveries, the electronic group from london & berlin: ‘Coyer Koya’.
we recently came in touch with the members Suki & John, where we had the chance to check out their newest oeuvre: the ‘Ease Tension’-extended play. as we were doin’ what we love to do the most, we made a stop over track number one from the ep, named ‘Radio Queen’.
as we were goin’ through the discography, we were lookin’ for the key elements that defines the ‘Coyer Koya’-sound. if you press play & let the melodies engulf you, you’re goin’ to remark (even though you’re not a music expert) what these creative heads behind the alias tried to convey: an emotional itinerary that is goin’ to mesmerize you either by the catchy melo composition or the sublime atmosphere that defines the sound scape on that piece.
so, while we were writin’ the article, we decided to put that piece of this pithy release on our site. feel free to check them out & if you like it, don’t hesitate to press ‘follow’.

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2. Rel – Love Your Neighbor

next tune that is one the list is mellifluous creation, which is named ‘Love Your Neighbor’. written & composed by los angeles-based ‘Rel’, what you’re goin’ to hear is an amalgamation of pure emotion with a succulent sound structure.
whether if we start to mention its succinct beginning with its salubrious synth composition or the seraphic voice of its creator, this tune will give you some goose bumps. bein’ available for free, we’d like to invite you to first check it out, second get yourself a copy. with every action you make, the recognition of this outstanding musician will rise, which is totally deserved to say if you listen to more creations, such as her latest piece: ‘Factory’.
by namin’ her style ‘Evoca-Pop’, you’ll understand why that specific term has been selected: music that animates you to think & feel, that radiates emotions, which is so rivetin’ that you have to listen to it till its end.
be sure to get yourself a copy, click on the provided link & if you have some spare time, check out the other releases as well.

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3. Lunavela – British Amelia

British Amelia’ is the next piece that is on our agenda. bein’ released by an old friend, who has started a solo project, we’d like to introduce to one of our most favorite of this month so far, kiwi-musician ‘Lunavela’.
Steve recently has hit us up to inform us about his latest project, the synth music project with its pithy moniker. if you’re not aware about who we’re talkin’ about, maybe the name ‘Collapsing Cities’ is goin’ to remind you.
as we were checkin’ out this piece here, we were intrigued by its solipsistic bass line that can be ‘genre-fied’ as an merger between indie & electronic music. a catchy tune by a person with a special knack if it’s about sound design. plus, the tune was mastered by no one else than mastermind Dave Cooley, who did the masterings for ‘M83’, ‘Freddie Gibbs’ & ‘Fritz Kalkbrenner’.
bein’ titled as a preview of his upcomin’ long play, which is goin’ to be released around two-seventeen, you can listen to this sublime creation in the meanwhile.

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4.MaJLo – Reverse

Reverse’ is track number four on the list. bein’ released around five months ago, what you’re goin’ to listen is an outstanding release by gdańsk-based artist ‘MaJLo’. outstanding, due its tenaciously-good bass line or eery-yet-catchy melody.
as we’d like to listen to all creations of any musician since their early beginnings, to see their evolvement both artistical & personal, we were intrigued by the beautiful transformation that has been made by this young musician.
bein’ part of the extended play with the same succinct title as this single, you can listen to a panoply of emotions, composed on the aforementioned bass lines & melodies.
all you have to do is to press on the provided link & let the magic engulf you & your neighbors. don’t forget to press ‘follow’, so that you can’t miss any succulent release in the near future.

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5. Mar – Y

it has been quite a while since we have featured a creation by ‘Mar’. too long, that’s for sure. while perusin’ the interweb for tunes for this playlist here, we decided to check out the site of the london-based artist.
and yes, dear ladies & gentlemen, we did not regret it. as we described her the last time that the music that she creates tends to have something magical, an unfathomable element that rivets you to finish off listenin’, we were bedazzled by the amount of quality that has been released since the last visit.
such a panoply of sounds that made our decision to pick only one a bit too hard. yet, after some decent hearings, our final pick has been the ambient-electronica merger ‘Y’. but why? because it impeccably represents the sound & the emotion behind that, which ‘Mar’ likes to convey.
yet, if this piece still did not convince to press the ‘follow’-button, why don’t you check out the recent releases on her site too? we’re sure that these might change your mind.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
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