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05/23 – 05/30 (#FF069)

#FF069: ‘Perennial Serendipity’

monday has returned again, we’re (or better said, utmost of us) here to make the start of the week less annoyin’ than it actually is.
while my colleague has to deal with the aftermath of an uncanny large period of havin’ a flu, it’s me, the girl behind the site, that has to deal with it for the next couple of days (haha, finally).
before you think that this might be too much of a schadenfreude, let’s be blunt: yes, it truly is. because sometimes, when you’re collaboratin’ with someone else on a growin’ thing, you start to argue meticulously about everything. not that is not a bad thing, but sometimes it just is boggin’ you down.
yet, as we believe in each other, i’m pretty sure that he’ll dig the playlist of this week. as we love to mix up genres, we decided to create a fuse between mellifluous indie-tunes & crisp future beats.
so, shall we start? it definitely is about time. article number sixty-nine, say ‘hi’:

1. Gone Deville – Park Bench

Park Bench’ is the first song that is on our watch. created & released by montreal-based producer ‘Gone Deville’, its rivetin’ melo composition stuck in our ears already for some time.
yet, somehow we did not manage to put it on an article, which is, if you’re goin’ to listen to it, a shame to say. but, as it tends to be warmer from day to day, it definitely fits into a list for pre-summer vibes. besides the aforementioned melo-composition, it’s its crisp bass line that is goin’ to ensconce itself somewhere between your eardrums & your brain.
still doesn’t convince you much? ok, then click on the link & let the music do the rest. as we’d like to say that melodies can be more conveyin’, we’d like to invite you to do it. keep in mind, that is song for free too, so why not gettin’ a copy of it too?

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2.Jovani Occomy – Take Me To The Church (Prod. by Wun Two)

you know, it’s always a pleasure to feature songs, such as this one here. performed & released by our beloved friend, singer-songwriter & full-time magician ‘Jovani Occomy’, what you’re goin’ to hear is yet another salubrious production, which is sung by her & produced by the beatmaker ‘Wun Two’ (obv. pronounced ‘One Two’). sometimes, it is not necessary to add more elements to a decent tune. sometimes, a catchy melody, some drums & a pithy voice, like Jovani’s, can be sufficient to create something magical.
as one of our axioms tend to be to promulgate the evolvement of artists & friends, we decided to put that song on the list. be sure to follow her, if you still haven’t & get yourself a copy of this crisp collaboration.

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3.Isaac – Why U Mad?

Why U Mad?’ is song number three on the list. created by upcoming producer ‘Isaac’, we stumbled over this sublime creation just around some hours ago.
while checkin’ out the other release of this young beatmaker from the other side of the world, to be precise: the city of auckland, in new zealand, we were impressed by his sound design & solipsistic way to create a tenaciously-good tune.
to genre-fy him is not really an easy task: if we would, then we would say something between ‘Asa’ & ‘Galmatias’ – a culture clash between ambient-esque melo compositions & raucously-yet-succinct bass lines.
due the fact that, ‘Isaac’ recently has started to release tunes on his soundcloud, why don’t you listen in the meanwhile to the featured ‘Why U Mad?’ & let this instrumental be your’s with a single click on the download-button?
we’re sure that if the more people would support him, the more recognition he gets, which he totally would deserve.

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4.GOLDENHAZE – The Hunter

penultimate song of today is called ‘The Hunter’, which is a tune by part-time artist & part-time fairy ‘GOLDENHAZE’.
we stumbled over that mysterious girl around a while ago. what we have found or better said, discovered there, were catchy tunes with a sublime & atmospheric synth-composition. we have to say, we fell in love. not only that this lo-fi-influenced creations are beautiful & mesmerizin’, but also her dedication & passion to the world of music has been so convincin’ that we had to feature at least of one her latest creations, the aforementioned ‘The Hunter’.
click on the link, press play & let the succulent atmosphere engulf you & your neighborhood. oh & don’t forget to press follow, because there is more to come in the future.

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5.Vague000 – She Does Not Know Her Beauty

last song of today is real stunner. bein’ released by chicago-based producer ‘Vague000’, what you’re goin’ to hear is a piece of pulchritude. not only that the beatmaker did use the pithy vocals of ‘Nina Simone’ in a solipsistic way like in this one here, but also due its amazingly instrumental. so succulent, that it had to be featured here immediately.
and in the meanwhile that you’re checkin’ it out, why don’t you check out the main project of this man here? as this one here tends to be more like a side-project, the main project, which is called ‘Vague001’ is definitely worth to check out.
don’t forget to check out his newest updates on twitter, press follow on soundcloud & don’t forget to eat some proper vegetables on this day.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.