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05/16 – 05/23 (#FF068)

#FF068: ‘Mellow Mooncircle’

monday has arrived & we’re back in the game. while the sun is dominantly shinin’, we’re in a desperate need of a working A/C. it’s not that the fans are workin’ badly, it’s just the fact that an A/C totally kills any sign of heat in your room, apt or office.
so while lookin’ for some decent ice cream in the supermarket, we nearly forgot to finish off this article here. we’re sorry for that.
as we try to show you a panoply of sounds, we can proudly start the presentation of article number sixty-eight:

1. Motyl – Empty Promises

first come, first serve goes to ‘Empty Promises’, a song by anonymous beatmaker ‘Motyl’.
we stumbled over the soundcloud-account around a period ago. mostly impressed by the dank-yet-catchy beats, we decided to follow the path of this aspirin’ musician. and yet, as we’re pleased to say, we finally made it to feature one tune here.
bein’ released around a month ago, we were intrigued by the omnivorous ability of the synth-composition. by pressin’ play you’re goin’ to emerge into another world, full of rivetin’ melodies that is goin’ to devour you second after second. an aural pleasure that sure has to be on your playlist for the month or in our case, in this week.
since the person behind the alias tends to keep its identity secret, we can just make assumptions, who that person might be or what we’re goin’ to expect of him/her in the nearer future.
meanwhile, click on the link & check out this crisp release.

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2.Drones – Emerald

Emerald’ is song number two on the list. being created & released by the us-producer ‘Drones’, the song crossed our path just some hours before.
as we were perusin’ the internet for some decent tunes for this playlist, this one here gained our attention due its tenaciously-good bass line & its mellow usage of a guitar-sample.
there would be more reasons to enumerate, yet that would make this article a bit too long. due the fact that we want to keep it short & simple, we hope that the music itself will do the trick on its own.
so, do us a favor, press play, let the drones come & get your eardrums. just as a precaution: the bass line can be pretty addictive, so do not wonder yourself if you’re catchin’ yourself while listenin’ to this piece here for the fourth consecutive time.

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3. Bes – Flowers

have you ever heard of ‘Bes’? if yes, congratulations, you have won an award for listenin’ to some decent music. if not, then welcome to our club. sometimes the internet can be an amazing place to find the things that you need, besides all that redundant meme things that are omnipresent on any kind of site you can imagine.
so, while perusin’ for material, we bumped over the site of this young producer from new york city. mostly releasin’ hip hop instrumentals, we were curious to check out more. we did what we had to do & made a stop on one of his recent releases: the featured song ‘Flowers’.
as we were sayin’ that this stud tends to work on hip hop instrumentals, we were bedazzled by this mellifluous piece with a catchy melody that totally convinced us to put him on the list. all you have to do right now, besides checkin’ him out, is to press follow. we love to help people grow, so if you’re a fan of decent beats, this bloke might be the right one.

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4. Win64 – Side A.

next song that is on the list is by yet another anonymous producer that started to release some beats under the illuminatic alias ‘Win64’. why anonymous? there is no single clue who is behind that project, neither a mention where the person is from nor how old the creator is. all that we know that it is not a side-project by ‘Win32’, who is part of our beloved friends of the ‘Numerals’-crew.
yet, does it really matter where you’re from & how old you are? it is (for us) less important. what matters is what you do with that. if you’re lookin’ for some tunes to feature them on a site, it less relevant where the person is from, or if he/she wants to keep his/her identity anonymous. back to the main topic, the music, we’d like to say that we got curious about this project here, from tune to tune. whether if we’re talkin’ about the knack of the creator or the avid merger of fx samples & solipsistic melo composition, ‘Win64’ gained our hearts & ears in minutes.
so much, that it has been a bit difficult to pick one specific tune. we tried our best, to present an impeccable example of what this person is capable of. our choice was ‘Side A.’. but why? all the elements that were mentioned are hearable. all you have to do is to press play & let the music do the rest. keep in mind to press follow to get any of his latest updates, releases & reposts.

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5. Yung Cold – Magnetic Fields (Feat. Kyddiekafka)

last song of the day is a decent collaboration we stumbled over. its progenitors: the artists ‘Yung Cold’ & ‘Kyddiekafka’. while you might recognize one of them (in this case: the spanish musician ‘Kyddiekafka’, due the fact that we featured an other collaboration of her with our beloved friend ‘Iridescent’, we’d like to welcome ‘Yung Cold’ to the Solar-family. bein’ curious how a collaboration between these two will sound like, we finally managed to check one out this oeuvre here, called ‘Magnetic Fields’.
as we were listenin’ the piece, we were somehow in a state of awe. not only because of its solipsistic perception of beat production, but also how well the result of a collaboration can sound like. a catchy tune, that obliged us to put it on the list. plus, the lust of hearin’ another melodic clash between ‘Yung Cold’ & ‘Kyddiekafka’. we’re lookin’ forward for that, but in the meanwhile, do us a favor & check this tune out.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.