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05/09 – 05/16 (#FF067)

#FF067: After Light

it’s monday, the sixteenth of may & we’re proud to say ‘hello’ to a new chapter of the ‘Flamboyant Five’-series.
where utmost of you are still dealin’ with your routine, we’re here to soothe the struggle by presentin’ a decent playlist for the upcoming week. while we did tend to put in more dancy-dancy stuff on the last chapters, we decided to add some discoveries we made that can be ‘genre-fied’ as ambient, experimental electronica & some uplifting future beats.
so, let’s start with the presentation, article number sixty-seven, here we go:

1.Luminance – Ojämn

it has been a long time since we have featured a ‘Luminance’-track on the list. literally it feels like it has been already for a year.
yet, it’s not about that kind of fact that we want to talk about. more likely, we’d like you to present you one of her recent creations, called ‘Ojämn’. if you ever listened to that aspiring lady for once, then you can imagine what you’re goin’ to expect about it. if not, then hell it is about time.
not only that she likes to create eery-yet-catchy tunes over the last weeks, but also that we love to hear more solipsistic oeuvres like hers. ‘Ojämn’ is more like an impeccable example of her concept about music, an ambient tune that has to be on the list of your favorites.
click on the link, press play & let the mellifluous melodies engulf your eardrums. plus, don’t forget to follow her, because there will be more stuff to hear in the near future.

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2.Laire – Elses

Elses’ is the next creation we’re goin’ to talk about. produced by the german ‘Laire’, the song has been released around three days ago. since we heard about him & his productions around a while, the curiosity has finally been unbearable, so that we had to check him out finally.
and yes indeed, we were not disappointed. whether if we’re talkin’ about the uplifting drums, the pithy kicks or the crisp chord progression, ‘Elses’ gained a place on the site. and, since you are already on his site, why don’t you check out the rest of his tunes? there are for sure some gems that needed to be listened by you & you. don’t forget to use a decent pair of headphones, so that you can enjoy every beat at any second.
in the meanwhile, why don’t you get yourself a copy of this one here. press on the provided link on soundcloud & after twenty seconds, it can be finally yours.

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3.Yedgar – Envoy

third track of the week is by ottawa-based beatmaker ‘Yedgar’. we recently stumbled over his account, where we were gutted about the fact that we did not find him earlier. yet, we can be glad that we can finally introduce him to you & you.
if you’re a fan of dank-yet-catchy future beats, then this fellow musician might be your choice. whether if we’re talkin’ about his nocturnal way of synth-composition or the distorted bass lines, ‘Yedgar’ made us smile. by appearin’ on the world of soundcloud around one year ago, you can be assured that ‘Envoy’ won’t be his climax. furthermore, it shows you a glimpse of his future, the evolvement that he is goin’ to take & the aural example for how good his creations will be.
in the meanwhile, why don’t you check out his wavy productions that are on his site? mostly of them are for free & can be downloaded in less than a minute. be sure to follow his tweets on twitter, plus don’t forget to drink some water after you drooled on your table too much.

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4.Unforseen – Emotions

finally, a new ‘Unforseen’-tune that we had to listen to. being called ‘Emotions’, you can anticipate the way of its sounding. and yes people, it is all about the feels. press play, take a seat, grab a pen & a paper, start to paint a lush landscape with trees. well, that’s what we did while listen to this piece of pulchritude. if this did not convince you, then please check out his pieces, such as ‘Why Are We Here’, ‘Who Have I Become’ or ‘If the World Ended Tomorrow, I Would Spend These Last Moments With You’, which we have featured here around the while.
we can assure you that the man somewhere up north in canada has some gems that needed to be listened by you & your aunt. these picturesque tunes that needed to be on your playlist to calm yourself down after a hard day at work.
all you have to do is to press on the link, let the music do the rest. don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to him on twitter.

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5.Light Blending In – Moment of Truth

last tune of the day is by our beloved friend, the ontario-based producer ‘Light Blending In’. as we were perusin’ the internet for pieces for this article here, we stumbled over one of his latest releases, named ‘Moment of Truth’.
as we pressed on play, we were impressed by the south-east-asia-influenced melo-composition, which has been fused with a raucously-yet-catchy bass line. since we’d like to say that we love people who love to experiment with sounds from all over the globe, ‘Light Blending In’ created something here that fastidiously fits into that description. an aural pleasure that sure will gain people’s attention, to let them focus on the path of this young aspiring musician from the beautiful country of the north.
and while you’re goin’ to listen to that, why don’t you grab a copy of it too? we’re sure that this would make its creator happier even more than just listen to it.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.