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05/02 – 05/09 (#FF066)

#FF066: ‘Vox Velocity’

may has arrived. after a hiatus for 4 days, we’re back with a new chapter on the ‘Flamboyant Five’-series.
while we’re preparin’ for the next interview, that is goin’ to be published on this week, we’d like to sweeten you the beginnin’ of the week with the playlist of the week.
to foreshadow a bit: it’s goin’ to be a mixture of ambience & future beats. as we’d like to say to keep it diverse & show the audience the still existing versatility of music, we shall start with the presentation of our picks of the week:

1.Kanye West – FML (Jahn Rome Version)

first come, first serve goes to our beloved friend, philly-based artist ‘Jahn Rome’. this time, we came in touch with his reinterpretation of ‘FML’, a song that has been originally released on ‘The Life Of Pablo’, the long awaited album by ‘Kanye West’.
as we’d like to say that usually remix-attempts tend to be a complete failure, due the fact that the remixer did not comprehend the idea behind the original, or did use an amount of inappropriate fx’s or snare-drums that destroyed the drive of the instrumental.
yet, it does not mean that the usual things happen often, there are a few exceptions that let you forget about the prejudices.
so, we did what we did & checked out the reinterpretation. and, we have to say that we liked the concept that Jack tried to convey. by workin’ with the remake instrumentals from denver-based beatmaker ‘Sour Street’ & montreal-based artist ‘Stje D’ & the final touch by Rome himself, the reinterpretation has been successfully completed. whether if we’re talkin’ about the significant voice by Jack or the impeccable instrumentals, these guys here deserved to be mentioned.
if you still are unsure, whether to listen to it or not, do us a favor & press on the provided link. we can assure you that you’re goin’ to like it. be sure to give them a shout out & check out Jack’s newest extended play too.

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2.In Love With A Ghost – Comet

Comet’ is the next song on the list. created by rennes-based producer ‘In Love With A Ghost’, the track has been recently released on soundcloud.
if u never heard about Maël & his project, we’d like to say that it is about time. to describe his style of production: mellifluous synth-compositions, with pithy chord progressions & a landscape of ambient fx’s that together created a ear worm that will stick in your eardrums for a long period.
as we’d like to say that people should write more music with a decent instrument in it, we’re really happy that we’re followin’ Maël’s evolvement as a musician & creative human being for a long time.
to focus on the aforementioned ‘Comet’, we can say that this piece here might be a perfect example of what we tried to explain, whether if we’re talkin’ about the succinct melodies or the lush atmospheric instrumentals that were created by this aspirin’ french musician.
take a moment of hush & fill it with the songs of ‘In Love With A Ghost’. we’re pretty sure that you won’t regret it.

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3.This Could Be Us – Her Final Whisper

we’d like to welcome a new member to the Solar Mountain Ridge-fam, bordeaux-based producer ‘This Could Be Us’.
we came in touch with Gio’s account around some days ago. what we have heard were decent instrumentals, with a solipsistic melo-composition. albeit the discography seems to be a bit too small, because you want to hear more from it, you can foresee where the career of this musician is goin’ to be in the next years.
so, why don’t you check out for example the featured tune on this list? by callin’ it ‘Her Final Whisper’, you can perceive the concept that is behind the beautiful instrumental. an itinerary to the ambient world that can last for a while.
and guess what, the tune is available for free. so, go on the site, get your copies & put it on your walkman for your next trip. oh, & don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to him on facebook.

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4. Josh Menchaca – I Miss U

penultimate track of the day is ‘I Miss U’, a creation by los angeles-based producer ‘Josh Menchaca’. we were followin’ Josh’s evolvement for some time, yet we somehow did not manage to feature him on an article, which is a pity to be honest. but now, we finally did it & put one of his most beautiful creations that has been out in the last weeks & months.
so, what you’re goin’ to hear is a merger between an eery-yet-catchy synth-composition & decent instrumental that melts your eardrums in less than five seconds. as we cannot deny it that we’re fans of solipsistic beat constructions, Josh’s tune gained our attention, riveted us with its mesmerizin’ melody & ‘wrecked’ us with the incomin’ bass line.
dear people of the soundcloud-universe, check this dude out. we’re pretty sure that you won’t do it for the last time. as he tends to evolve his creativity from tune to tune, we’re lookin’ forward what we’re goin’ to hear in the near future.

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5. Last Island – Instruments Of Artifacts (Melad & Last Island Remix)

last track of the day is real stunner. originally created by our beloved fried from scotland, ‘Last Island’, it’s always quite interestin’ to see a creation remixed by its progenitor himself.
this time, Daniel did team up with another aspirin’ producer from canada, named ‘Melad’. so after, we received a message from the scottish producer around some weeks ago, with a sneak-peak of an upcoming remix of his original, ‘Instruments Of Artifacts’, we couldn’t wait to listen to it, when it’s finally released.
and yes, we were intrigued. not only by the tenaciously-good bass line, but also by the pulchritude of that synth-composition that we were obliged to feature this one here. a piece of production that has to be downloaded from you & you immediately.
shout out to both producers for their hard effort & passion they put in that re-interpretation of the original. it has been an aural pleasure to listen to it, from the beginning till the end.
we’re sure that it won’t be the last time that our ways will cross each other’s.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

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